The children of Plan-de-la-Tour are delighted with the return of skier Arthur Bauchet, four-time medalist at the Beijing Paralympic Games

It wasn’t a joke. This Friday 1is On April 1st, the little Plantourians received a visit from a “big fish”: skier Arthur Bauchet was returning from the Paralympic Games in Beijing to meet the school children of Marcel-Aumeran, some of whom had put on their ski suits for the occasion.

Barely had time to cross the gate when the four-time medalist – three gold and one bronze – dove into a bath of effervescence and youthful euphoria. Cheered to the sound of “King Arthur” brought to life by his little fans.

With his contagious joy, the skier Arthur Bauchet had a session “checked” with the Pitchouns as soon as he arrived in the schoolyard. Photo by Philippe Arnassan.

With his irresistible smile, the athlete participated in a session of “checks” before indulging in the question-and-answer game, carefully meditated by pitchouns who missed not a crumb of his exploits in China. “Do you feel any pain?”; “Why are you smiling all the time?”; “Do you stress before a race?”; “What do you do when you’re afraid you won’t make it?”.

Arthur Bauchet never shied away from questions, reminding them that it was the sport that gave it “save life” and that he “Don’t give up when it comes to chasing your dreams”.

The “Questions for a Super Champion” session was meticulously edited in class by the students, who wanted to know everything about this skier who braved his illness to rise to the top of his discipline. Photo by Philippe Arnassan.
This chocolate medal offered by the little Plantourians has been added to those won in Beijing a few weeks ago. Photo by Philippe Arnassan.

Before leaving, the prodigy offered them putting on one of his medals to take a souvenir photo that the toddlers could proudly show their friends.

With three gold medals and a bronze won at the last Paralympic Games, the athlete delighted children eager to be able to touch or even wear a real Olympic medal around their necks. Photo by Philippe Arnassan.

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