“The challenge is not to ‘keep’ the children, but to develop their potential in the best possible way”

Tribune. Following the Orpea elder care scandal, the three co-presidents of the National Union of Mother and Child Protection Doctors (PMI) took a position on February 23 in a column published by The worldthe question of the quality of childcare, the fear that a « Privatization » Nurseries can lead to the same effects. At a time when our country is concerned about its future, what could be more important than fulfilling our children’s potential?

But the main problem is not so much the status of crèches – private, public or community – as the training of professionals, which determines the quality of care and support for very young children. Dramatic lack of childcare places, insufficient overall qualifications of the skilled workers, blatant lack of attractiveness of the sector and recognition of the skilled workers: the early childhood area is facing major challenges.

The answers are simple, concrete and effective, with three priorities: increasing the receptivity of young children, raising the skill level of professionals and their development.

Finding a place for our children is something parents experience every day, it’s an obstacle course! Today, 40% of children under the age of 3 have no childcare solution, collective or individual (kindergarten, childminder, childcare at home).

two hundred thousand seats

While the unmet need is estimated at at least 200,000 places (which is preventing affected parents from returning to work), the situation is deteriorating. Since 2015, the creation of crèche places is no longer sufficient to compensate for the continuous decline in the number of childminders.

Finally, let us establish a true “enforceable right to care for young children” and invest accordingly in increasing childcare places and hiring professionals that are sorely lacking today. But let’s be clear: When it comes to creating places, it’s the number and skills of the professionals that make the difference. Hence the vital importance of the other two priorities that we propose.

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The quality of childcare depends primarily on the qualifications and skills of the professionals. However, we are far from reference countries such as the Nordic countries. If you need a high school diploma + 5 in France to educate and teach children in kindergarten, sometimes no degree is required for the first thousand days of the child! There is an urgent need to put an end to this absurd situation.

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