The Bridgerton Chronicle: Will a baby be born in season 3?

A baby was about to be born in Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicle. And Anthony would be a great dad then! We tell you more.

Since March 25, you can follow the adventures of the Bridgerton family on Netflix. And this season 2 is a real success. Even more than the first. It must be said that the couple Anthony and Kate make the screen burst with passion and love. Will they have a baby?

The Bridgerton Chronicle: a successful season 2

For this second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle, Anthony needs and wants to settle down. The libertine he’s always been wants to do his duty by finding a “real” wife. And he throws target the diamond of the season.

Miss Edwina Sharma is Her Majesty’s Diamond. However, what the young man did not know is that he will fall in love with his sister: Kate. And that will lead to quite embarrassing situations. But this season there is much less intimate scenes.

And for most fans, it’s not that bad. Because their passion and desire take on other forms. And for those who have finished the season and find it frustrating not to have enjoyed the happiness of this new couple. Do not worry !

In fact, Simone Ashley, the actress who played Kate in The Chronicle of Bridgerton, confided in her husband and her would come back Star in Season 3. What will calm everyone! Because we really want them to evolve!

In season 2 we saw that Daphne had her first child with Simon. But what about Kate and Anthony? Will there be a new baby in the next season? We tell you more.

A new baby in season 3?

The actor, who plays Anthony Bridgerton, confided that season 3 will be “dedicated to Kate.” ” He will protect her at all costs » he confided in The Wrap. And their love will be even more united than what you have seen. He also teased the sequel a bit out of line.

“I think he’ll just enjoy every moment with her and that could cause problems, like if she has to leave or if she’s in a different room than he is. he will have a hard time dealing with it« . he trusted à The explosion.

But beware, the Anthony Bridgerton actor dropped a bombshell. He said ” There will undoubtedly be, but also he’s going to be a great dad.” Is the couple having a baby? And that would calm his character down for the first time.

“I think it will really help him grow even more. (…) and that Kate is the person who shows him who he is.” For him, his character will blossom in his role as a father. The actor has can’t wait to see him become a father.

And in the novels, the couple have children. The first is Edmund. In Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicle, the couple may have their first baby. If the authors decide. Because they could wait for season 4 for that.

Netflix has already signed up for two more seasons. The end of the story is far away! Which reassures all fans. Unfortunately we have to wait now.

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