The Blois family reveals how much they spend on grocery shopping each week!

The Blois have just followed suit and revealed their budget for their weekly supermarket shopping! amazing amount.

Raising a large family is no small thing. Between the mountains of laundry, the dishes and the astronomical races that take place every week, it’s easy for some parents to get overwhelmed.

Bloi's family

This hectic everyday life is described every day on TF1 in the program Families and the Blois, which started in 2019. And if viewers have learned one thing, it’s that it costs a fortune to be at the head of a large family.

A few weeks ago, Rofrane Bambara, mother of quadruplets, left her subscribers speechless when she revealed how much money she spent dressing her four children Noor, Hajar, Kheïry and Chemsy.

I think we are between 300 and 400 euros per child, between 1,200 and 1,600 euros per season. True, this may seem like an exaggeration.

But when we calculate how many wardrobes, children and rooms we are taking, the calculations add up, explains von Nasser’s wife.

Gérome Blois reveals his shopping budget

After the mother of quadruplets, Gérome Blois, father of a blended family with seven children, trusted his budget. After the episode aired on Monday April 4, some were surprised at how much groceries he bought. A point he explained in his Instagram story the next day.

Small point on yesterday’s races because there are still some hallucinations, which I can understand, about the number of races. We are so many!

Our children are growing too. We have less at home, but the little ones are growing and eating more and more, explains Diana’s husband, adding that he spends between 300 and 350 euros every week to fill the fridge. As the saying goes: if you love, you don’t count!

Gérome Blois (Large Families, XXL Life) repositions those who criticize his family’s money

Always transparent with his community, Gérome Blois recently had to brush aside criticism from netizens after mentioning a rejection when looking for a house to rent. The Large Families, life in XXL contestant took to the mat.

While new tribes have disbanded (the Boibessot, the Colas, the Huberts, the Pavonis, the Provenchères and the Servières), the Blois family will no longer appear in Large Families, life in XXL.

This does not prevent Diana and Gérome from remaining active on social networks, even if they are sometimes confronted with critics. You have received further proof of this in the last few hours.

On Wednesday March 30, 2022, Gérome Blois complained about being turned down in his apartment search when he agreed to pay a year’s rent in advance. Honestly I don’t know what to do. I had submitted all the documents for the application. We offered to pay a year’s rent in advance to reassure the lady even more.

I think not everyone can do that and we’re lucky that we can afford it. But that’s not enough. So we’re still looking for a house, Diana’s husband said on his Instagram story. But his words didn’t sit well with the netizens who let him know.

Gérome Blois reimagines a user after being criticized.

After sharing his agony, Gérome Blois received the following message from a user: But how do you pay 1 year’s rent in advance?. Nowadays you have so many things on the side. You’re lucky.

Why complain when you have to pay for gas or buy a new washing machine? Honestly, if you have that kind of money set aside, it’s not a problem. Think of those who, like you, pay for gas or who have unexpected purchases, but are in the red on the 20th of the month.

The only problem is that the man who met his wife on a dating site had no intention of letting others know as he answered directly. He said: Because we have more money than others, don’t we have the right to be humiliated because our dishwasher and washing machine are broken?


We also had for 1,000 euros! And 1,000 euros less for the future house we want to buy! But since we have more resources than others, should we settle for 2 euros per liter of diesel?

Seriously, I get tired of some people. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, said Gérome Blois, visibly annoyed. Well, that’s what he said!

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