The best apps to track your pregnancy

Whether you are a few weeks pregnant or several months pregnant, pregnancy is a special time when you need to be informed, reassured and accompanied more than ever. Thanks to technology, there are many today mobile applications for future parents to track pregnancy and fetal development through to birth.

We have selected ours for you Pregnancy Tracking Apps Download Favorites now to enjoy the next nine months.

9 months & me, the application that accompanies us up to the first baby months

The 9 Months & Me application proposed by Gallia Laboratories is included future mothers throughout pregnancy up to the first 5 months of the baby. In particular, you can ask all your questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and the first days with a baby to midwives who will answer them virtually. A valuable service for reassurance and information in the first few months.

Every day there is useful information about the course of pregnancy, the most important terms, the development of the fetus, suggestions for fun and sensual experiences to relax and listen to your baby. Even after the baby is born, 9 mois & moi accompanies the parents during the baby’s first 5 months and when they return home: aftercare of meals, articles for bathing, sleeping…

Most ? The “My Movie” function for Make your pregnancy movie from the photos of her abdomen taken during the nine months.

Pregnancy +, the app to follow baby’s progress in 3D

One of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps is Pregnancy +. This very comprehensive app uses 2D and 3D images and animations to visualize and track the size and development of the fetus day by day. Easy to use, Pregnancy + offers nutritional advice, shopping recommendations to prepare for baby’s arrival or advice List of children’s names.

It also allows you to keep a doctor’s diary, track your weight curve, better understand the symptoms of pregnancy and get all kinds of advice. If you choose the premium version, you can count the baby’s kicks over 30, 60 or 90 minutes, prepare the birth plan and his pregnancy bag.

Most ? The application can also be personalized for fathers, grandparents and other family members.

WeMoms, the app for sharing and helping each other between moms-to-be

Being pregnant means suddenly feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of questions. When every woman goes through her pregnancy more or less peacefully, it’s always reassuring to have people to trust who share the same feelings as we do. That’s exactly what l’application WeMoms, which brings together more than 400,000 young mothers who want to discuss all topics related to pregnancy, even the most intimate. There is no taboo topic here!

The app allows you to identify mothers who are in exactly the same phase as us, quickly and weekly, and to join discussion clubs to discuss specific topics such as exercise during pregnancy, nutrition or gestational diabetes.

We love the solidarity and goodwill that reigns in this community. The only small downside, the many advertisements that interrupt the conversations.

Pregnancy Food, the app to know what to eat when you’re pregnant

This is a very useful pregnancy tracking application to know what you should eat when you are pregnant and what foods are forbidden during pregnancy. Vegetables, meat, fish, cheese… More than 900 foods are listed in this app that tells us if we can eat them, under what conditions, what are the risks associated with each product.

We also provide precise nutritional advice, by food but also by dish, so you can make your choice with peace of mind, both in the restaurant and in the supermarket. Not to mention tips on how to properly clean your fridge and avoid contamination risks. Of course, the application is designed for both pregnant women and their partners.

Conveniently, the application’s search engine is easy to use at the slightest doubt, instead of looking for information one by one on the Internet. On the other hand, it should be noted that the advice in this tool is for information only and cannot in any way replace a medical diagnosis.

Materniteam, the advanced pregnancy monitoring application

Future parents who are looking for a complete pregnancy monitoring app can turn a blind eye to Materniteam. The application provides thematic folders for prepare for the arrival of the baby, a calendar to write down all the important appointments, checklists to do administrative questions or not to remember anything on D-Day, but its peculiarity is above all to be endorsed by a medical team (gynaecologists, obstetricians, sages, psychologists). , pediatric nurses, dieticians, etc.) from the 35 maternity wards of the ELSAN Group. A real sign of seriousness.

Efelya, the pregnancy risk reduction app

Efelya is one of the few obstetric applications that has the label qualifying it as a medical device. The application was developed by Florine Duplessis, midwife and sonographer for 20 years, and allows the assessment of the risk factors of the six the most common pathologies associated with pregnancy : gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, risk of preterm birth, intrauterine growth retardation, risk of bleeding. The goal ? Identify a problem as soon as possible and quickly take care of the expectant mother.

It also offers hundreds of medical and wellness content in the form of articles, videos and podcasts created and enriched by expert practitioners. This content is delivered to users according to a relevant algorithm based on their risk profile.

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