The benefits of floor play for babies

With the multitude of devices available for wake up the little ones, like the famous park, the deckchair or the swing, sometimes parents forget that nothing is more effective than letting their baby discover his body freely on the ground. According to experts, it is indeed important to let your child play on the floor from 2-3 months and on his back or stomach as much as possible. We explain why here.

Waking babies on their backs

From 2-3 months it is advisable to lay your baby on his back on the floor for a few minutes so that he discovers his body. This is a very beneficial wake-up exercise for him: he will be able to move his legs and arms freely and will gradually learn to find his support points as well as his good balance, turning on his stomach. Playing in a free and undivided space is favorablemovement learning. Your little one can move their legs and arms in all directions without restrictions, unlike, for example, in the deckchair, where they are restricted. Your child will also learn to push themselves with their legs and arms on a firm, resilient and safe surface. A moment of simple awakening, very good for developing motor skills!

Babies’ eyesight also improves from the 3rd month: they increasingly begin to see patterns and recognize everyday objects. You can also place small toys of different colors near him to familiarize him with it. It is also interesting to place an Awakening Ark next to or above him. It promotes psychomotor development. Your little one will marvel at the movements of the little toys above them. In fact, the learning sheet stimulates visual perception and arouses the curiosity of toddlers!

Playing on the tummy: what are the benefits for babies?

If it is advisable from birth to place the infant on his stomach several times a day, lying on a parent or when changing diapers, it is also recommended to let him play independently (always under supervision) on the floor on his stomach from 4 months! As a matter of fact, Jlie prone on the floor also has many benefits for a baby’s body. So as soon as your baby can hold his head up on his own (about 4 months), don’t hesitate to let him play face down on the floor. This position will help him control his head: when a baby raises his head very slowly to see what is happening around him, he learns to control the movements and twists of his neck and arms. Quite simply, the prone position strengthens the upper body: it tightens the muscles and prepares them for further physical exercises such as crawling or rolling.

Plus, lying on their tummy gives your little one a different perspective of the world! The contrast between the supine and prone positions teaches the child to position themselves in space.

Make sure your child is standing on a level and firm surface to ensure your child’s waking moments on the floor are perfectly safe. Avoid soft surfaces where the child could sink and injure themselves. But you can use a variety of support! the tCarpet in the living room, a yoga or gymnastics mat, an awakening mat… Experts do not recommend placing them directly on the ground at a very young age to avoid possible injury if, for example, they suddenly turn over.

To the stimulate the awakening of the baby On the floor, as mentioned above, you can add an activity arc over the toddler. You can also offer baby the opportunity to play with small toys appropriate to his age, such as a rattle, maracas, a security blanket… Enough to allow him to discover new textures, shapes, materials through his hands and even through to discover his small mouth . In fact, toddlers tend to discover objects with their mouths, so choose them baby toy Materials not harmful to children.

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