The Belgian royal family offers several castles in Ariège, find out why

This “small” castle was eventually excluded from the decisions of the Belgian royal family. (©Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

It all starts in 2019. The King of the Belgians, PhilippeThe then 59-year-old father of four children who were still minors was thinking about the future of his offspring. Of course there are succession to the throne what is brewing. But also everything else, the extras.

After surprisingly receiving his crown following the abdication of King Albert II in 2013, he knows life can’t go as planned. That you have to take advantage of it as well as keep it behind you. At that time he was decides to offer locks to each of his children. A haven of sorts for future kings or queens, or cozy nests for those missing out on the highest inheritance.

Dispute with Spain after Prince Joachim’s misadventure

In Spain he dreamed of his castles for the first time. It’s far enough from Belgium to have some peace and quiet, and after all King Philip VI of Spain is a cousin of the 5the Degree.

But the mishap of his nephew, Prince Joachim of Belgium, tenth in line to the Belgian throne, cools him down. This one was caught in 2020 when he broke containment rules in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic to join his beauty who was celebrating her birthday in Cordoba.

A media scandal that comes at a time when one of the king’s right-hand men is on his way to Spain to scout castles. Everything stops dead. The king’s friend will not cross the Pyrenees as long as the crisis is in the foreground.

A discreet search of more than a year

Then he finds himself locked in Ariège waiting. But what he sees is anything but displeasing to him. He calls the king. when he looks a peaceful corner for his children, maybe he will find her here. Philippe gives him the green light to find a deal.

A Pamiers

And the department has no shortage of castles or beautiful residences. looking for Mirepoixwhich still has 63 listed buildings, one comes across the man the former diocese of Pamiers which is for sale. The church is trying to get rid of it.

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A old private mansion of the XVIIIe Century with 25 piecesincluding ten rooms for an area of ​​1,000 m2 About. With also a remarkable park of 6,000 m2. Bingo. For which child it will be, he does not know at this point. We will learn in February 2022 that he intends to do so Princess Eleanor Fabiola Victoria Anne Mariewho will soon be fourteen and is fourth in line to the Belgian throne.

A promising ruin in Nescus

The right arm also finds the castle of Neskus. The city of Paris put it up for sale a long time ago. A place that has known many misfortunes. Built in 1700it was demolished during the revolution and rebuilt in the 19th centurye Century before it fell victim to a fire in 1918. It then passed from the hands of Albéric de Narbonne-Lara (1859-1909), the Carmelites of Pamiers, before being sold to the City Hall of Paris, which organized holiday camps there. Before you let it go occupied for fifteen years.

There will be work, of course, but mostly thanks to him 22 000 m2 of the park, it has potential as they say. It will be perfect for Prince Emmanuel Léopold Guillaume François Marie16 years old and third in line to the throne.

A more modest residence in Montaut

The property search will continue quietly in 2021. In order not to arouse suspicion, real estate agencies even give buyers false identities or leave the properties for sale until the royal family has gone out of business there.

A montaut, the right arm digs up a residence this time 18 pieces for 560m2. It is neither the largest nor the one with the richest past. But with a two-hectare park, a heated pool and views of the Pyrenees, it offers all the necessary luxury. Above all, it is much closer to Toulouse and its airport than the others. And there’s no work to do. the Prince Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie18, second in line to the Belgian throne, will therefore be able to fill it very quickly.

Near the ski slopes

Finally, a home had to be found Elisabeth Therese Marie Helene. And the task was more difficult. Because the 20-year-old is the crown princess. The daughter of Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz is destined to succeed her father and thus become the first Queen of the Belgians. So you need status. But also imagine that it will not occupy the premises much. Not to mention one condition of the future queen: to be near the ski slopes.

The royal family goes skiing almost every year in Verbier. Under the eyes of prominent photographers, it has become a tradition. Elisabeth has enough of that, which is why she secretly put on skis to be able to afford it some runs in the Monts d’Olmes ski area this winter.

With the Count of Paris and Perrine Laffont

The crowned head press missed where, for good reason, unintentionally The Count of Paris decided to go skiing in February 2022. Prince Jean and Princess Philomena actually walked through the Ariège snow with their five children. Which has been logical ever since his family lives nearby, in Aude.

Elisabeth is therefore discreet but still crosses paths with the star of the resort and Ariège himself, the freestyle skiing champion Perrine Laffont.

Ariegeoise in the heart

Seduced by the region, Elisabeth therefore travels back and forth from England (she studies in Oxford) to explore the area. She admires the picture “The Department of John the Baptist” she treats herself to a meal at the Château de Foix Clos Saint Martin La Metairiein Arvigna (which has just received a Bib gourmand), She visits the castle of Montsegur… She even paid for a relegation Guzet Express. Everything in absolute discretion, since his face remains unknown to most Ariège residents. In case some confidentiality clauses are signed.

And it is she who will choose his “castle”. A “simple” building since the beginning of the 20th centurye century in Ax les Thermes. With at least 17 rooms at 348 m2.

The Belgian told her family that she would be happy to settle there and feel the Ariégeoise. She is there” like a fish in water”. Until you buy a Citroën C15. What makes everyone happy. Unless maybe some gossip, especially on the side of Toulouse who continue to consider that the Ariégeois are Belgians who have not found Spain …

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