The Baby of Hope: Arthur, first Ukrainian newborn in Eure-et-Loir

“Arthur, little baby, but big hope. The grieving face suddenly lights up in front of this tiny figure, struggling in yellow and blue pajamas. In French for Beginners, Oksana spreads her arms to symbolize what the birth of her first grandchild means to her war-torn family.

The Ukrainian baby was born a few days earlier, on March 31, in the Coudray maternity hospital, almost a month premature. “The delivery was very quick. I spoke English with the staff and the gynecologist. They explained to me what would happen, the epidural anesthesia…” Tetiana, 25 years old, rejoiced. In his arms a small featherweight that weighed 2,720 kg at birth at 47 cm.

Brought to tears all day

A few thousand kilometers from his wife, mother and sister, who have found refuge in Bonneval in shelters borrowed and arranged by good souls, the father also awaits this arrival in the world. When the first images of the little creature reach him, Maksym, who has stayed behind in Ivano-Frankivsk south of Lviv, surprises those around him. He, hard on the bad, not the type to show his feelings, cries all day. The joy of being a father mixed with the impossibility of holding his son in his arms and the uncertainty of the future this war has thrown at them. And his companion to have a little fun and let it move you:

“People thought something bad had happened to him! »

Switch to neonatology

For the angels, the morale of the young mother and her parents-in-law darkens again in the first few moments. The newborn develops jaundice, does not eat, and loses weight. He was transferred to the NICU where he was tube fed. “I was confident because everyone was very caring, even if the language barrier made things difficult,” says Tetiana, who was discharged from the hospital with her child early last week.

Four Ukrainians fleeing the war found a “very generous” welcome in Bonneval

A bracket of joy since March 9th. That day, the young mother, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law landed in Eure-et-Loir, where Valentyna, a Ukrainian friend, and her husband, Christophe Couturier, an entrepreneur from Eurel, were waiting for them. The three women have just passed the most painful journey of their lives. “I didn’t want to leave Maksym and have the baby without him. I cried for days,” Tetiana saddened.
But given the turn of the conflict, her husband wanted it that way, preferring to know that they were safe. A decision that the three women finally followed with death in their souls. “It is a great pain in the heart and in the soul. I was ready to take up arms and defend my country. But we wanted this little…” Oksana justifies, torn after leaving Kyiv.

He sweetens the exile

The three women kept the app warning Ukrainians of bombings down while they lived there. A way to unite with those who stayed in the country. Only Arthur distracts them from the tragic information they constantly follow. The baby that occupies almost all of her days brightens her life of loss, sorrow and tears.

To see his son for a few minutes…

From Ivano-Frankivsk, Maksym, he connects with his family every evening. Just a few minutes from the war, but intense for the young father, who never takes his eyes off his son to capture the maximum of his first moments in life. Enough to add even more meaning to this battle miles away to end this war. In Bonneval, Tetiana, Oksana and Anastasia, they are impatient to return, carried by a new hope named Arthur…

Chemcha Rabhi

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