The arrow. Thierry Leroyer is crazy about chess and introduces children to the sport…

Thierry Leroyer was awarded the bronze medal for his commitment to the world of chess at La Flèche.
Thierry Leroyer was awarded the bronze medal for his commitment to the world of chess at La Flèche. ©CF

Friday March 18, 2022 stood there sporting medals in the city of Arrow (Sarthe), at the Castle of the Carmelites. six sporty or sports coaches receive a medal. Her commitment as a volunteer and her beautiful career were highlighted.

among them, Thierry Leroyer was rewarded with the bronze medal for youth, sport and club commitment. This chess enthusiast and teacher implemented this discipline in his own classrooms… Story.

Introduce students to this discipline

He explains how his interest in the sport was sparked: “I fell for it from a young age. A teacher passed on his passion to me,” he explains.

He also later tells of meeting Claude Laude, also a teacher who played chess. This then suggested him to come one evening as he was organizing chess games with his students from CP.

As I left this room, I said to myself that one day I will establish this sport.

Thierry Leroyer

Arriving at the Pasteur de la Flèche school, he founded this discipline.

Supporting Students

And to explain that his students were in favour. : “First I explained to them the aim of the game and also showed them how to work with chess on transversal skills and mathematics. Before long, 20 to 30 students were coming regularly for lunch each week.

He exchanged a lot with Christophe Delafontaine and with Guillaume François, which allowed him to develop a methodology in 20 sessions.

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“They learned to move the figures. The goal is not to make them chess players, but to use everything that this sport can bring them. »

Was it easy to teach them that? “I’m a teacher. Pedagogy wasn’t a problem for me. »

Everything is good to learn to play

If desired, he also encourages his students to take an interest in the strategies of Garry Kasparov and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, two great chess players.

It also highlights the importance of certain movies and TV series like Queen’s Game that have been followed on the internet.

Results at the rendezvous

The results were in: multiple podiums at the Regionals. “Children went to the French championships,” he points out.

It allowed us to make unforgettable trips.

Thierry Leroyer

They went south, to the Côte d’Azur, to Paris, but also to the Jura. “We traveled a lot with chess,” he smiles.

A sport of the future?

According to this chess enthusiast, chess has a future. “Later on, those who we taught this discipline to will also be able to pass on their know-how to their children. »

After all, chess “is in full expansion and only develops positively. You have a future. »

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