The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

Gaming News The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

Sometimes touching, sometimes brave, and sometimes downright annoying, a whole host of kids have managed to make their mark on the world of video games over several decades. Today we pay tribute to those who annoyed us the most. A choice that is of course entirely subjective.

Baby Mario

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

The infant form of Mario, Baby Mario first appears in the Yoshi’s Island series to share his incessant tears with us. This adorable looking little character has annoyed more than one player for a good reason: his loud crying when Yoshi gets hit, along with a stressful timer that will bring him back in less than ten seconds to avoid the game. His presence on Yoshi’s back must be endured for the game’s forty-eight levels.”Baby Mario’s crying sound effect is by far the most annoying sound effect of any game I’ve played. Why did Nintendo think this was a good idea?“We once read on a Reddit topic, but despite the lack of affection for him, Baby Mario continues to make frequent appearances, even becoming a playable character in the Mario Kart Tour in 2019.

Jason in the heavy rain

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

When it comes to wild and disobedient children, Jason is quoted very often. Remember that this little boy is a key character in Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s flagship storytelling game in which we investigate the origami killer. On a trip to the mall, Jason can’t sit still, demands that we buy him a balloon from a weird clown, and ends up slipping out of his father Ethan’s watchful eye. The latter then starts screaming his first name during a sequence that has been the subject of a number of clips across the networks. The scene was mocked, with “Press X to Jason” even becoming one of the most popular actions in the game (you had to press X on the controller to call out Jason’s name). Either way, whether Jason bugs us or not, Heavy Rain has clearly become a staple of David Cage’s catalog since its release in 2010.

Cuno at the Elysium disco

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

If you’ve played Disco Elysium, you can’t forget the shrill voice and arrogant little tone of Cuno, that boy who always talks about himself in the third person. The player meets this utterly despicable, drug-addicted rascal in a hotel courtyard while throwing rocks at the corpse of a hanged man. Raised by an abusive father, Cuno spends his time exploring the city, vandalizing public property, and stealing goods. Overall, it’s not really appreciated by the residents of the Martinaise. On the other hand, if you manage to get him to hear what he wants and earn his eternal respect, he can become a key figure in your investigations, providing you with a whole lot of knowledge. You can also choose to smack it in the face if you pass the red Hard Physical Instrument test with flying colors. And let’s add that his sidekick Cunoesse is just as despicable.

Birthday kids in Fallout 3

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

It’s hard to forget that bunch of brats who have been invited to your Fallout 3 birthday party and have absolutely no intention of showing any respect for your snack. We especially remember Butch DeLoria, the ten-year-old boy who went on to lead the local gang called the Tunnel Snakes. And if he comes to your birthday party even though he can’t fool you, it’s only because his mother has long insisted that he come. Butch will eventually attempt to squeeze a piece of cake from the Lone Wanderer before landing a few punches. During the party, this notorious stalker also held a small get-together with his friends Wally Mack and Paul Hannon Jr. to come up with naming ideas for their future gang.

Gary in Bully

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

It’s hard not to mention Canis Canem Edit when you think of the ruthless kids of video games. And we obviously remember the main antagonist, Gary. This Bullworth Academy student shows himself from the start by offering his friendship to Jimmy Hopkins and claims he will need support at this very special school. Above all, this young man aspires to be the master of the school, manipulating his little classmates to get what he wants while brutalizing the weakest for his personal pleasure. His friendship with Jimmy will soon end when he drags him down to the school basement to confront him about the bully Russell. Having two directors at the boarding school was out of the question for him. And since that moment, Gary has been trying to turn everyone against the hero by telling a bunch of lies. The player has a chance to confront him in an ultimate confrontation.

Atreus in God of War

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

Among the most annoying kids in video games, Atreus is sometimes named champion. In 2018’s God of War, he follows his father Kratos on an initiation journey to bury the ashes of his late mother Rundey. Far from being a burden on the journey, Atreus quickly becomes a key ally in battle. And his playful reactions contrast nicely with Kratos’s, who are more reserved. But in the forums, as in the networks, the reactions are related to this topic: “do you hate atreus“, “Why is Atreus so annoying?“. It must be said that due to the somewhat ambivalent relationship between the child and his father, he was initially not spared from some outbursts of anger, frustration and anger, which annoyed quite a number of players. D Others will of course be more tender towards him , the boy still takes advantage of extenuating circumstances. His transition into puberty, portrayed in the trailer for the next work, portends new troubles to contend with on his part.

Blue in Pokemon

The 7 most insufferable kids in video games

As haughty as it is condescending, blue is the rival character in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, and particularly in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. He’s universally recognizable by his mocking little grin and tousled hairdo. As a proud competitor, he naturally aspires to become the best coach in the world and makes that his ultimate goal in life. An obsession that makes him particularly disrespectful, who does not hesitate to treat the protagonist as “shabby” from time to time. What is certain is that Blue suffers from a hell of a superiority complex, although he still gains sympathy through the episodes.

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