that horrible dark time that upset his children, harrowing revelations

Behind her beautiful smile, Lucie Lucas hides a pain that only cries inside. She tells all the details exclusively.

Lucie Lucas has come a long way!

When you meet your soulmate in college, life is like a fairy tale. At least that’s what Lucie Lucas thought. A little over ten years ago, the arrival of his two princesses reassured him that the best was yet to come. Since happiness never comes alone, she becomes the heroine of the series clamp. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be a model for a generation. Committed to the planet, their smiles light up the web as well as movie sets. Unfortunately, one detail upsets her precious balance by pulling the rope and despite the support of her lover or workmates. What happened before Millo arrived? objection make the point !

2016, a cursed year?

With our colleagues In forceThe actress does not go four ways. Yes, she knows the consequences of burnout well. It’s simple, she almost lost what she spent decades building. Whether it’s in her day-to-day life as a mother or as an actress, we were happy to provide the answer, didn’t matter. No one recognizes him anymore, including his children who witness his slow descent into hell.

Looking back, Lucie Lucas believes the tragic death of her best friend Anton Yelchin was responsible for her downfall. With her words, she specifies that she then ” started unlocking“. With that all behind us today, she agrees to reveal more details to her fans. dear friend ofobjection, the editors recommend buckle up. The difficult-to-manage zone of turmoil we are entering risks moral repercussions. Before you begin to describe the actress’s symptoms, we recommend reading this article.

And there it is for his little family, the drama!

Screenshot (c) Dancing with the Stars (c) TF1

Unable to do everyday things is the actress’ attitude of postage confuses those around him. What is your purse doing in the freezer? As for dinner, on many occasions it came close to a domestic accident. Who knows what would have happened if Adrien hadn’t been there? This example deserves attention. ” I stood in front of the noodle pan, I had no idea what to do. When those close to her try to get her to react, she loses her temper. His ” very violent panic attacks » create a climate of terror at home. Little by little she doesn’t feel like doing anything anymore and especially the positive things that life can offer her. ” We have the idea that we have to end it because we are no longer of any use. We only disappoint the people we love. »

Lilou and Moira are dismayed. The Elder can’t help but compare to the past. As for the youngest, she does not have enough standards and accompanies the slow decline of her parents. In short, she will summarize her point of view. ” They didn’t understand why mom, she’s so weird. » Day and night she turns into an invisible woman. Having become a shadow of herself, nobody sees her when she uses her free time to sleep. It’s almost as if she’s abusing dates with Morpheus to forget her torments. Does she dream of better days?

The extraordinary project by Lucie Lucas

Luckily, she sees the end of the tunnel when she becomes pregnant with Milo. This return to normal calms his family. Phew, it was time to close this troubled chapter and start a bright new one. Of late, his dancing with the stars prowess has been enough to put his rivals to shame. Based on her BFF Agustín Galiana who won Season 8, she doubles down on her efforts. In fact, the duo moved up to seventh place thanks to partner Anthony Colette. While it lasts and more in the next episode!

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