Testimonial: My way to get pregnant despite PCOS

Emeline Franque, aka @emelinefranque, is a social media content creator. Thanks to humorous videos inspired by her everyday life, the young woman brings together more than 140,000 TikTok subscribers and 15,000 people on Instagram. In recent weeks, her publications have gradually taken on the colors of the great adventure she is going through: that of pregnancy. A fortunate event that didn’t happen as evidence since Emeline suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. According to INSERM, PCOS is not only the most common hormonal disease in women of childbearing age, but also the main cause of female infertility.

The diagnosis of PCOS after 15 years of the pill

Rather by accident, Emeline discovered her illness. ” I didn’t even know what it was. In February 2020, we and my sweetheart decide to stop taking the pill and start trying to have a baby. I have my normal period in March. Containment is coming, and there, surprise: no more rules. »

Impossible for the young woman to get a gynecological appointment before September. She therefore went to her doctor to do an ultrasound. The diagnosis was made: she had polycystic ovarian syndrome. It comes as a surprise to Emeline. ” I had no symptoms before. I have been 15 years without a break on the pillso I had “wrong rules. In fact, hormonal birth control inhibits the body’s natural production of sex hormones. So the disruption caused by PCOS was not felt. “ At the time, I wasn’t particularly concerned. I was completely uninformed about what PCOS was and didn’t know what path we were facing.. »

The beginning of the PMA journey

Medically assisted reproduction (also called AMP or PMA) is obvious to caregivers. And with good reason, because of her pathology, Emeline Ovulate only 3-4 times a year. « There are different levels of PCOS. Mine was clear. As my darling says, “We fell for AMP without understanding”. After the ultrasound diagnosis we had a gyno appointment who asked us to come as a couple and she immediately told us about the MAP, we were not prepared for that! The procedures and all the tests are long, very long. With my spouse we continued our sex life full of hope and told each other that miracles happen! Despite her goodwill, these attempts to conceive naturally fail.

A bad experience with a gynecologist

« On Instagram I am often asked how we experienced it. I had a very bad experience with a gynecologist who told me crude things like, “You’re going to need luck » or “I’m not a magician“”. The young woman also invites all participants in an AMP course to consult other specialists if they ever have a bad experience. ” The gynecologist who helped me conceive my baby can explain, talk and it feels good. In order to persevere, a good dose of good humor is also essential in the couple. ! »

A successful AMP course

« It’s getting long hereShe feels sorry for Emeline. Tests and more tests, for him and me. We were in the post-lockdown, all appointments had to be made months in advance and often calculated according to the cycle. The problem: My cycles were totally variable! Since PCOS is a hormonal disorder, it usually manifests itself through irregular menstrual cycles. The couple begins drug stimulation, with programmed ovulation, to no avail. Then stimulation by simple injections. Then injections with insemination. ” And there, miracles! Joy at the first artificial insemination ! »

PCOS during pregnancy

Today Emeline is 6 months pregnant. “ The baby is growing very well and PCOS does not affect my pregnancy in any way other than having more gynecological appointments. For me it’s not a problem, it’s even more reassuring! »

PCOS after childbirth

After her pregnancy, the question is: will she go back to hormonal birth control to curb her PCOS? ” My gynecologist asked me the same question. I told her right away that I didn’t want to stuff myself with hormones anymore or even bother with birth control since I can’t reproduce without AMP. But according to her, many women conceive naturally after a first ART. The future will show!»

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