Tension erupted at commemoration of Prince Philip’s death!

The outraged prince will accompany the queen from the beginning to the end of the March 29 ceremony. A situation that annoys the rest of the royal family.

There were no shortage of surprises at the commemoration of Prince Philip’s death. A whole new situation to know that everything is organized down to the last detail at a royal family event.

The presence of Prince Andrew of York alongside her mother has given cause sharp uncomfortable tensions. We will show you the details in this article.

The royal family at the center of the scandal

Prince Andrew actually led the British royal family ashore. In fact, after his involvement in The Epstein case, the 62-year-old prince surprised the audience during the tribute to his father. In fact, it was he among the 3 brothers who accompanied the Queen throughout the ceremony. A situation that visibly displeases the elder d’Elizabeth II.

Nevertheless, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II himself insisted so that it is Andreas who accompanies him. So it comes as no surprise to members of the royal family. One wonders if the first figure of the British state wants to send a message with this election. Sure enough, the Duke of York was to go into hiding for a few years.

If the other members of the royal family knew about this project of Elizabeth II, they did not hesitate to give their opinion. According to information from the British 2nd newspaper, it was Prince Charles and his son William dismayed by this choice. However, they hoped that the younger prince would show common sense and refuse the queen’s request.

The British people certainly do not approve of this royal decision. Furthermore, he showed his disdain for the prince from the moment his name was mentioned in the Epstein scandal. A story that got the press flowing and which also happens to be well founded. The youngest of the royal family actually paid a considerable sum to one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

Another surprise during the ceremony

Normally, the list of people who will be part of the audience at a royal ceremony should be exhaustive. To break this rule, Prince William and Kate Middleton were accompanied by their children. You should know that Princess Charlotte and her brother Prince George were not listed Guests.

However, they received one Place of honor next to the Queen with their parents. Although not previously on the guest list, Queen Elizabeth II’s young great-grandchildren were well received. We imagine the Queen was a pleasure to have by her side. Elegantly dressed, they paid homage to their grandfather.

A member of this royal family missed the call. As a matter of fact, the youngest William and Kate were not present. At 3 years old, Louis is still too young to accompany his parents to such a ceremony. As a result, only the two children of Prince Charles’ eldest could attend.

In addition to members of the royal family, others important personalities came to pay homage to the late prince. The 1,800 guests include the Belgian royal family, represented by their rulers: King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. Also in the audience was Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The head of the royal family dethroned?

In fact, it has recently been reported the state of health of the sovereign of England is not very well developed. For this reason, the accession of Prince Charles, the Queen’s eldest son, was already being prepared at Buckingham Palace. This is mainly due to the fact that she can no longer properly perform her function as queen.

In fact, after falling victim to Covid-19, the Queen was set to attend an annual Commonwealth meeting. She asked the Duke of England to represent her at this ceremony. A recent article revealed that a secret transition project could well be placed within the British royal family.

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