tells a family, victims of contaminated pizzas

12:30 p.m., April 10, 2022

they wanted “Make Children Happy”, “Change the vegetable routine”. The small family pizza evening, organized on January 20th, done “fall into hell” Aline Bureau, her husband and their four children. On Thursday, the couple, in their 30s from Deux-Sèvres, received the missing piece: a letter from the French health authority confirming the link between the E. coli bacteria present in Buitoni brand Fraîch’Up pizzas ” the nightmare “ that they have been alive for more than two months.

As a result of ingesting these frozen foods, three of her children developed haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Fifteen days in hospital for two daughters, a week for a son, with physical and psychological consequences for all family members. “My kids are climbing the slope but it’s hard, we don’t want it to happen to others”says Aline Bureau, determined to file a complaint against the manufacturer.

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On the phone, the mother follows the thread of these events, “far from imagining that they could be associated with pizzas, especially since we like them very much cooked”. This childminder specifies: “We are very careful about what we eat, about hand hygiene before eating, we never buy raw milk cheese. »

A week after this meal, the eldest, Louane, 10 years old, complained of abdominal pain “more intense”. The doctor diagnoses gastro, just like his colleagues from the hospital emergency room, where the little girl is admitted two days later when she is no longer sleeping and “Screams of Pain”. On February 2, his condition worsened. She no longer eats, no longer drinks. She was transferred by the Samu to a specialized pediatric service at Nantes University Hospital, which confirmed an SHU. She underwent several dialysis and blood transfusions.

The weakened family

As the couple finally thinks “Get your head out of the water”, on February 5th, the youngest, Lola, aged two and a half years, again presents similar symptoms but more severe. Her grandparents, who were caring for her at the time, took her to a GP who diagnosed blinding stomach – however, the doctor was aware of the elders’ HUS. The little one dies: “She stopped urinating, vomited constantly, couldn’t get up”, pursues his mother.

Knowing that all French households eat your pizzas, you must respect the hygiene rules impeccably

On February 9th, Aline Bureau and her husband decide to pick her up and take her to the emergency room of the University Hospital of Nantes. “His vital prognosis was engaged. She had convulsions, her electrocardiogram was abnormal, she had severe kidney failure. His brain is damaged says the mother. A doctor told us that she stopped by there after about an hour. » HUS is also diagnosed this time. The little girl was admitted to the intensive care unit, hemofiltration, transfusions, hemodialysis… Finally, on February 15, her 9-year-old son Ethan also complained of pain. The parents immediately rush to the emergency room. Conclusion: a SHU, in a more moderate form.

At home, the family was weakened. Maëlys, the third daughter at the age of 7, did not develop the disease, although the bacterium E. coli was detected in her analyses. But after a month away from her family, she “Retreat”, notes his mother, who will ask for a general psychological follow-up. Louane, the eldest, will probably suffer from high blood pressure and kidney failure for life and struggles to hide her fear. Lola, on antibiotics, has a chain of illnesses and increased night terrors. Ethan, he remains anemic and trembles whenever the little one has a fever. “I am angry about the negligence of the manufacturer, loose Aline Bureau. If you know that all French households eat your pizzas, you owe it to yourself to be impeccable when it comes to hygiene rules. »

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