Teen who killed two children in a car in Vaughan has been jailed for 18 months

The person, who cannot be named under the Juvenile Justice Act, pleaded guilty in December to three dangerous driving charges that included killing and injuring the adult, who he also caught on the sidewalk.

The 17-year-old admitted losing control of his parents’ car when he hit the young victims in the driveway of their garage on May 16, 2021.

Jax Chaudhari was 4 years old and his sister Anaya was 10 years old. A recently retired neighbor, John Chiarelli, who was helping the children fix their bikes, was injured after being hit in turn.

A quick judgement

In an 11-page sentence, Ontario Superior Court Justice David Rose called the accident a unspeakable tragedy.

He recalled that the day of May 16, 2021 had started very well with a sunny morning and the return of the father who had brought the three children a surprise the day before: a dog that the family named Coco.

A residential street with yellow police tape

The children were playing in front of their parents’ house when they were hit by the vehicle.

Photo: Radio Canada/Mark Bochsler/CBC News

Patel balayait le porche pendant que Ketan s’apprêtait à arroser le jardin ; leur voisin John Chiarelli aidait Anaya à réparer la chaîne de sa bicyclette pendant que Jax et sa sœur Kaya jouaient avec Coco”,”text”:”MmePatel balayait le porche pendant que Ketan s’apprêtait à arroser le jardin ; leur voisin John Chiarelli aidait Anaya à réparer la chaîne de sa bicyclette pendant que Jax et sa sœur Kaya jouaient avec Coco”}}”>[Binta Patel, la mère des enfants] swept the porch while ketan [Chaudhari, le père des enfants] was about to water the garden; Her neighbor John Chiarelli helped Anaya fix her bike chain while Jax and his sister Kaya played with Cocohe said before describing the tragedy.

Referring to the joint statement of facts accepted by both parties, the magistrate recalls that the young person drove at more than 100 km/h in a 40 km/h zone and that The accident happened before the horrified eyes of the parents of the two victims and several other family members.

The teenager was driving his father’s Mercedes to his girlfriend’s house around noon when he skidded around a bend on Athabasca Street, crossing the center line there before walking onto the sidewalk, crashing into a tree, crossing a hedge and killing the three victims crushed .

A forensic illustration by Judge David Rose.

Judge David Rose delivered his verdict in less than an hour before sentenced the teenager to a year in prison and an additional 6 months of community service.

Photo: Radio Canada / Pam Davies

The visibly inexperienced, then 16-year-old driver crashed into a wall after hitting a transformer.

The young man had explained to police that his car’s steering wheel was locked before going back to that statement to say it was the brakes that eventually locked.

When he was arrested, he was released on bail of more than $300,000. Seven months later he will finally confess.

Judge’s reasoning

The judge writes that his decision was not easy for him because he was faced with a challenge so extensive was the jurisprudence on cases of minors convicted of similar offences.

However, he states that he took into account several mitigating circumstances, such as the defendant’s guilty plea, the positive psychological reports on his condition, the tireless support of his family and his excellent academic performance.

He has achieved a lot in a short time and is on the road to success, his remorse is genuine and he is already showing maturity for his agehe clarifies.

A court illustration by the father of two, Ketan Chaudhari.

Ketan Chaudhari presented one of his son’s toys to the court during emotional testimony at the sentencing hearing on March 1, 2022.

Photo: Radio Canada / Pam Davies

The judge withheld statements from the family about the impact of the children’s deaths on his life. Grief goes far beyond what we imagine because children represent their parents’ hopes and dreams, they are the ones who tend to bring people together‘ says the magistrate.

Ms Patel had indeed described the sense of endless loss that the judge described in his testimony at last month’s sentencing hearing.

If I recounted the things that were taken from us, I could fill an ocean; it’s all the big and small things, the moments… all these transformations in my childhood that i will remember forevershe had said.

family reactions

A grieving mother spoke to the press outside Newmarket Court after the hearing.

Ms Patel says it doesn’t matter whether the teenager was sentenced to jail or not becauseno pain can bring back [s]are children of life.

Her husband, Mr Chaudhari, said he kept recalling the course of events that day and wondered if there was anything he could have done to change the course of events.

He adds that he wasn’t even able to say goodbye to his daughter on her hospital bed before she died.

A woman is crying at the microphone.

Ketan Chaudhari and Binta Patel couldn’t hold back their tears as they spoke to the press outside the court.

Photo: Radio Canada / Martin Trainor

If a 16-year-old is too immature to understand the consequences of his actions, and then he is protected by our legal system, why do we give him the privilege and responsibility of driving a vehicle?Mr. Chaudhari wondered.

Showing her unselfishness, Mrs Patel said despite what she wanted Raising awareness of dangerous driving among young people to revitalize a culture of safe driving and save lives.

We want to raise awareness of young people, cars are not toys, my children were killed for a few seconds because of a moment of stupid recklessnesssaid Mr Chaudhari.

A bouquet of flowers in front of a driveway.

Neighbors and relatives had laid flowers in the driveway of the parents of the two victims at the scene of the fatal accident.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Frank Gunn

The prosecutor and defense attorney did not give interviews.

The Crown had called for a fixed 16-month sentence and a 10-year driving ban because they felt the boy should have known what he was doing, that he was aware of the county’s speed limits and that he lacked judgment on the day.

Instead, the defense had asked for a maximum sentence of 2 years probation and a driving ban of 5 years.

She explained that her young client took full responsibility and that he was devastated by his behavior.

In addition to the 18-month prison sentence, the youth will be banned from driving for 6 years at the end of his prison sentence.

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