Tap water: can I give it to my baby?

With: dr Sylvie Dieu Osika, paediatrician

If we breastfeed our child, he is not not necessary to give him water: mother’s milk meets all his needs. On the other hand, if we give him a bottle, the question arises from birth: Should I choose tap water or bottled water? And in this case spring water or mineral water? A pediatrician answers our questions.

Can we give babies water?

6 months ago, the infant does not really need any fluids besides his bottle or breast milk. Whether you give him the breast or the bottle, he will get his fluid needs from his milk. In summer you can give him water in addition to milk intake. You can give water to an infant He will drink according to his needs. In winter, a baby does not need to drink water most of the time. It’s hot in the summer, he goes drinking, and if he has a fever, when he’s sick, he asks about it. The baby naturally knows its needs physiologically “, says Dr. Sylvie Dieu Osika, paediatrician.

If your child is suffering from diarrhea (which causes too much water loss), fever (which causes increased sweating), or even vomiting, you can give them a small amount of water. Remember that diarrhea, fever and vomiting should prompt you to seek urgent medical attention. In addition to the medication administered, you will also often need to give him something to drink to avoid dehydration. The recommended doses are 30 to 50 ml every half hour. Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are also prescribed to replace mineral losses. To know: let the baby drink from a cup or pipette if it was short at the breast and has not yet adjusted to the bottle.

when should you give it to him How much water from 6 months?

After 6 months, it is important to give water in addition to the bottles. Normally your baby still drinks 500 ml of milk a day. Only its diet diversification will change its consumption: his need for water begins to increaseto compensate for the drop in milk consumption. They can then fill their bottles with 200 to 500 ml of water. He receives pure water, without the addition of sugary drinks or syrup. The baby has to get used to the neutral taste of the water right from the start in order to promote good eating habits.

Is tap water safe for my baby?

Tap water is pretty drinkable from your baby In France, water regulations are very strict, with more than 60 to 70 quality criteria, from collection to distribution. Tap water is one of the most controlled products in France. ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) states that tap water can be used to prepare baby bottles. There is therefore no health risk. However, you must ensure that your tap water is suitable for preparing baby bottles. Turn to your town hall, to your distribution network or to the Departmental Directorate of Health and Welfare (Ddass) to check the quality of your water. ” Tap water in France is perfectly drinkable. You sometimes have to be careful in certain places where it can be pesticides or some nitrates. It’s on your water bill. Be careful in old houses where you can still find lead pipes. In these cases we let the water run a little longer and, if in doubt, use mineral water ” says Dr. Sylvie Dieu Osika. The water circulating in these pipes can actually cause lead poisoning or lead poisoning with significant harmful effects, especially in children.

Here are the recommendations for using tap water:

  • Allow to flow for a few minutes before use.
  • Only use cold water for drinking, because from 25°C the water can be contaminated with microorganisms (microbes) and mineral salts.
  • Maintain the valve and piping regularly.
  • Lead may be present in old habitats (before 1948). In this case, give preference to mineral water.
  • To find out the quality of your water, contact your town hall or the health and environmental service of your department of health and social affairs or the website www.eaupotable.sante.gouv.fr. You can also check the compliance of your water with the National Health Security Agency (ANSES).
  • If your tap water is undrinkable and you don’t have a water bottle, you can use boiled water for cooling.

At what age can my baby drink tap water?

Since birth, the newborn can drink tap water. There is no risk if your water is safe to drink. ” If the water is of good quality with the proper precautions, you can give it to your baby emphasizes Dr. Sylvie Dieu Osika.

Is bottled mineral water better for baby’s health?

The answer may surprise you: not necessarily! It all depends on the type of bottled water you buy. If you prefer to give spring water or bottled mineral water, it is advisable to choose drinking bottles with the note “suitable for infant feeding”. You can give both spring water and mineral water. Pediatricians recommend low-mineral and low-nitrate water such as Mont Roucous, Evian, Thonon, Volvic… We don’t give sparkling water Where from rich in sodium to a small child.

Here are some recommendations for using bottled water:

  • Be sure to prepare the bottle with a bottle of water that says “suitable for infant feeding”.
  • Bottled water must be low in minerals: the dry residue at 180° must be less than 500 mg (this information is on the label).
  • Avoid using bottled water that has been open for more than 24 hours. Opened water bottles must be kept in the refrigerator.

Which water for the bottle? Spring or tap water?

Prepare the bottleit is advisable to use little mineral water, less than 150 mg per liter. Your baby can drink tap water unless it contains too much nitrates and sodium. In some French regions, nitrate levels can exceed 50 mg per liter. For an infant, this rate should be less than 10 mg per liter. Look closely at your water bill, which must include this information. If in doubt, use spring water or mineral water.

Filtered water is unavoidable

for dr Sylvie Dieu Osika, the filter jug is not not contraindicated for children. It is entirely possible to filter tap water and give it to your baby. By installing an osmosis system, the water is freed from its impurities by a high-performance filter system. The water obtained is purer, tasteless and odorless, has fewer minerals and is free from most pollutants (nitrates, heavy metals, etc.).

When to stop boiling tap water?

Use a saucepan or kettle to boil the water that you will use to prepare the bottle. The water should boil for at least a good minuteto eliminate all resistant elements and possible microorganisms. After cooling, add water to the powder. Test the mixture on your wrist before feeding the baby.

And if my baby doesn’t want to drink water, what should I do?

Don’t force it and do not give him sugary drinks. If your baby doesn’t want to drink, it’s just that he’s not thirsty. Encourage him to drink whenever he wants, whether it’s tap water or bottled water.

In any case, follow the recommendations of your doctor.

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