The Minister of Education comes out of silence after Moustapha Touré’s victory

The 7th edition of the SENICO Quran Recital Grand Prix competition, initiated by the Director General of Senegalese Industry and Commerce (SENICO), Abdoulaye Dia, was won by the young Moustapha Touré this Sunday, April 17, 2022. Thus, the Minister of National Education, Mamadou Talla, broke the silence to congratulate the winner of said award. Here’s … Read more

The cultural village of the ethnic groups, a mecca for diversity education

>>Protection and promotion of culture of ethnic groups >>Muong folklore in digital version Tourists visiting Vietnam ethnic culture and tourism village in Hanoi. Inaugurated 12 years ago, the Cultural and Tourist Village of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hanoi’s suburbs. As a true open-air museum, it presents the … Read more

Emmanuel Macron wants a new pact for teachers

The outgoing president defends his education record, particularly for the Priority Education Networks (REP) and REP+ (doubling classes and limiting to 12 students). “The results are there. The presidential candidate promises to step up funding to transform and refurbish a “curtain” school system. “What do we want to do at school?” We want to educate … Read more

The promotion of education, science and culture is an essential lever for achieving the SDGs (Benmoussa)

Speaking at the ordinary session of the General Assembly of the National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Commission, held at the headquarters of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr. Benmoussa highlighted Morocco’s commitment to donate as part of its new development model, giving priority to the educational, science and culture. Mr. Benmoussa, also … Read more

U-turn at school reveals tensions between Taliban

The closure of secondary schools for girls shows that the Taliban movement’s direction remains determined by its most radical fringe and exposes its divisions, which experts say is hurting Afghanistan’s chances of getting much-needed aid. In an unexpected turnaround, the Taliban, who have been in power since August, closed girls’ high schools and colleges on … Read more

Macron-Le Pen duel: What proposals do the candidates have in terms of education?

School used to be better for the deputy from the Pas-de-Calais. “National education has been massacred for 50 years by the massacre of access to secondary education […]massacred by pedagogy […] which has led to a continuous deterioration of the diplomas […] and massacred by the reforms implemented in the 1990s that finally turned the … Read more

Barriers in sex education?

54% of visually impaired people state that they have difficulties related to their sexuality due to the lack of access to special classes at school where everything is visual. “It’s hard to imagine an erect penis,” commented one student. “In college and high school, it’s not the blind guys that the boys flirt with.” “I … Read more

Roundtable on Vietnam-UK Education Cooperation

A round table on educational cooperation between Vietnam and Cambridge University Press & Assessment (UK) was held in London on 5 April. >>Vietnam and UK strengthen cooperation in the field of education >>The UK Education and Technology Journey stops in Dà Nang >>Education: Vietnam and the United Kingdom sign a cooperation agreement Vietnam’s Ambassador to … Read more

Ousmane Diagana, Vice President of the World Bank for West and Central Africa: “Education is an essential vector for stability, social cohesion and peace”

An interview with Ousmane Diagana, Mauritanian, Vice President of the World Bank for West and Central Africa since 01.01is July 2020. In this role, he coordinates the World Bank’s relationships with 22 countries and manages a portfolio of projects, technical assistance and financial resources of more than US$47 billion. What are the challenges facing young … Read more

The Ministry of National Education summons up a “mistake”.

The test that the third-graders were given caused controversy over the form’s mention of the gender as “Other.” The Ministry of National Education eventually conceded it was “a mistake” and withdrew the proposal. At the end of the test, the student must indicate whether they are male, female or otherwise before entering their surname and … Read more