These Bretons spent three years as a family on a catamaran: “May our lives be

A couple in their thirties crossing the oceans on a catamaran with their two young children would be almost banal. This is less the case when this couple consists of an ocean-going sailor, a naval engineer and a skipper, notably carrying the Jules Verne trophy around the world, and the co-founder of La Colloc, the … Read more

A family of southern ironmongers in court

Robert has built his hardware store from the ground up and, as the head of the family, expects his children to do what he asks of them without asking too many questions. “He got us out of school very early to work with him”. In any case, it is the statement that Sylvaine*, the daughter, … Read more

Advocating for more visibility and funding for non-formal education

The Association for the Promotion of Non-Formal Education (APENF) held a workshop on March 31, April 1 and 2, 2022 in Ouagadougou with a view to increasing the visibility and funding of non-formal education. Almost thirty actors from non-formal education took part in this workshop. What comes after this ad? The social and cultural constraints, … Read more

Lucile Puech: mother, veterinarian and federal referee…

Lucile Puech experienced her first national game as linesman 1 of the Tarbes-Chambéry meeting, referee Ludovic Sacarot, who comes from the same promotion as her. “We started together in Auch” she trusts. Her slender silhouette really stands out as she stands alongside the burly hookers and five meters from a line of sixteen of her … Read more