secular associations denounce educational abuse in non-contract schools

Facade secularism, biased historical teachings, discrimination… A survey bringing together teacher unions and parent-teacher associations, released Wednesday, March 9, by the National Committee for Secular Action (Cnal) points to serious abuses in many non-contract schools. By examining the inspection reports of 164 of these schools – out of some 1,800 existing in France – the … Read more

concrete ideas for orientation

Orientation. This is a word that has the gift of causing cold sweats in students, their parents, and their teachers. In recent years, reforms have followed one another to streamline students’ path to higher or vocational education. Without succeeding in breaking down the hierarchy between the training courses, fighting social inequalities or anticipating the professions … Read more

Education: Announced near colleges in San Pedro Department

Minister Mariatou Koné welcomed the actions of the Millennium Challenge Account Côte d’Ivoire (MCA-Côte d’Ivoire) Four local colleges will soon emerge in the basins of Youwasso, Oueoulo and Adjamene, and Mané, localities in the Department of San Pedro. At the initiative of Millenium Challenge Corporation (Mcc) and funded by the US government, construction of these … Read more

“Learning by doing in the service of people you don’t know”

The cross : How do you see our school system on the eve of the presidential elections? Marie Trellu-Kane: A mixed look. There is the strength of a valuable public service that needs to be consolidated. But also a system that still generates many school dropouts, because every year more than 90,000 young people leave … Read more

Afghan women devastated by the Taliban ban on women’s education

Published on : 03/28/2022 – 12:04 The Taliban promised on Monday, March 21, that Afghan middle and high school girls would be able to resume their education by midweek. They withdrew two hours after classes began, Wednesday March 23. From our correspondent in Islamabad On Tuesday night, 15-year-old Diana went to bed happy after seven … Read more