Sylvie Tellier trusts in her children’s education (AUDIO)

Between her roles on the Miss France committee, her company Talent Lab and her three children, Sylvie Tellier is a busy mother. As general manager of Miss France, the forty-year-old travels a lot in the provinces and in the DOM-TOMs throughout the year. She tries as best she can to be as present as possible for her three children Oscar (12 years old), Margaux (8 years old) and Roméo (3 years old). But that requires a lot of organization. podcast guest TV womenSylvie Tellier confided in her role as “super mom”.

They don’t make children to be raised by others

When her everyday life is very busy, she tries to combine everything: “Sometimes we are asked to hide our lives as mothers, I have three children. If you have children, do not make them let others raise them. I like coming home in the evening, being able to put them to bed if I didn’t wake them up in the morning, being there for the evening reading, helping them with their homework. I think women should talk more about it: we have the right because we have a mental burden that will always be greater than men’s.

My husband is very dedicated

Sylvie Tellier has to set up a meticulous organization every day: “I can’t imagine children without a two-person upbringing. My husband is very dedicated. He also works a lot, after that consistency is the order of the day. When we are at work we are at work, when we are at home we are at home. When we are with our children, we interfere. It is not the time that is important, not the “quanti”, but the “quali”. You can very well be with your kids all day and let them watch TV all day. You can spend an hour with your kids, but a super productive and efficient hour. I’m very much in transmission, it’s important‘ he emphasizes.

Inevitably, she wants to spend more time with her children: “I’m a present mother, but not enough. The children understand that work mobilizes a lot, I am very absent from home, it is very often difficult for me to live. I’m in a world where you have to be in good shape, fit into clothes, be smart, be in a good mood, be there for your kids… It’s all a military organization‘ she concludes.

TV womenthe podcast that gives voice to those who shine on the small screen

The full interview can be found in tv women, a conversation with female characters in the air. In a still very masculine world, they have managed to find a place for themselves. And they tell how. Among the guests of this podcast we also find Sophie Davant, Élise Lucet, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, Iris Mittenaere, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, Sophie Ferjani, Tatiana Silva, Mireille Dumas and Marina Carrère d’Encausse. The eleventh episode, with Sylvie Tellier, has been available on all podcast platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast etc.) since April 6, 2022.



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