Switzerland: The 5 family members stormed into the void one after the other

GENEVA | There was nothing to indicate the tragedy as the five members of a French family stormed out of the 7th floor of their apartment in Montreux, Switzerland, one after the other on Thursday.

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The investigation “allows us to rule out the intervention of third parties and suggests that all the victims jumped from the balcony one after the other,” estimated the Vaud police, five days after the tragedy that had taken place in this prosperous city on the shores of Lake Geneva .

Of the five family members – a man, his wife and twin sister who lived with the family, as well as an 8-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy – only the boy survived.

Switzerland: The 5 family members stormed into the void one after the other

After falling 20 meters from the 7th floor of the apartment where, according to the police, the family “lived isolated from society”, the young man is still in a coma and is hospitalized in a stable condition.

no more noise

Investigators were able to reconstruct the sequence of events between the arrival of two gendarmes at the apartment at around 6.15 am about a problem with the teenager’s home schooling and the execution of an arrest warrant against him.

They knocked on the door and heard a voice asking who was there. After reporting, they heard no more noise from inside and left, the action did not justify the forced opening of the home.

Switzerland: The 5 family members stormed into the void one after the other

According to the investigators, shortly afterwards, around 7 a.m., “all the victims jumped one after the other” from the balcony every five minutes.

Investigators, who found a stepladder on the balcony from which members of this family jumped, could not find any trace of a struggle, which seems to confirm the thesis of voluntary gestures.

“Before or during the events, no witness, including the two gendarmes present on site from 6:15 a.m. and the passers-by in the lower part of the building, heard the slightest noise or screams from the apartment or the balcony,” he stresses the press release.

“Technical investigations show no warning signs of such an act,” police said, but noted that “the family has been very interested in conspiracy and survival theories since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Switzerland: The 5 family members stormed into the void one after the other

Stock of food

The family lived practically self-sufficient and withdrawn from society.

She had built up an impressive stockpile of all kinds of groceries, very well organized, and occupied most of the different rooms in the apartment to enable her to deal with a major crisis, a police press release underscores.

Only the mother’s twin sister worked outside the home, investigators said.

Neither the mother nor the little girl were reported to the authorities and the latter did not go to school.

“All of these elements suggest that members of this family are afraid of authority interfering in their lives,” the press release points out.

Switzerland: The 5 family members stormed into the void one after the other

Accordingly Sunday newspaperthe father, Éric David, who grew up in Marseille in one of the most affluent districts of the city, is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, one of the most prestigious schools in France.

Twin sisters Nasrine and Narjisse Feraoun grew up in a family of five children, all of whom were educated at the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, the newspaper reported this weekend.

He also pointed out that the two women – the children’s mother was a dentist and her sister an ophthalmologist – are the granddaughters of Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun, a close friend of Albert Camus who was murdered by the OAS armed group French.

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