Suspected attempted kidnapping of children in Toulouse: parents are worried

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Two days after an attempted kidnapping report was filed near a school in Toulouse, parents are concerned. Pending the outcome of the police investigation, the management of the facility and the staff have set up temporary solutions.

“From time to time people in cars will slow down and stop in front of the school to watch the kids. It’s strange behavior,” says the security officer who oversees field trips.

48 hours after what appeared to be an attempted kidnapping of three schoolchildren from the Germaine Tillon school group in Toulouse, the parents of schoolchildren in this district of Pradettes are not reassured. “When I see children in CE2 coming to school and going home alone, I tell myself that parents should be careful,” stresses one of the mothers.

Upon leaving the school at 4:30 p.m. this Thursday, two City Police officers will be stationed in front of the school. They monitor anyone who comes and make sure no one is lurking nearby. The director and her staff also seem to be vigilant. Each child leaves only accompanied by an adult. “I read the news on social media, sure that kind of story is scary. I will never let my children go to school alone, even if they are in high school,” warns a family mother. The events of the previous day had clearly marked him.

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He was driving around in a red and white van

At around 1pm on Tuesday, three CM2 students from this school left their homes to take charge of the school. While these ten-year-old boys were walking down the Chemin de Bordeblanche, a van pulled up next to them. At the wheel of this vehicle would have been a bald but bearded man urgently. And he would have insisted on accompanying her to her school. But the children refused to listen to him before running away. Adults then called the police.

Denunciations taken very seriously by the Toulouse public prosecutor. The investigation was entrusted to the Family Protection Division of the Security Department. These specialized investigators listened to the three victims on Wednesday afternoon. Is it a false alarm or a real kidnapping attempt? No hypothesis has been excluded at this time. The police are still looking for the suspect and are investigating further. This person drove a red and white van. This is confirmed by another CM2 student from this school. This girl claims that she has already noticed this utility near the place.

While waiting to find out more, the Germaine Tillon School has decided to take the lead. A hiking bus was even set up this Thursday. The principle is simple: a mother accompanies the children home and makes sure that nobody disturbs them. National police patrols have also planned to circulate the neighborhood more regularly.

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