Such a great sun: Hélène Degy (Gaëlle Lestrac) pregnant with her first child!

After Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi and Aurore Delplace, a new actress from France 2’s Montpellier soap opera is preparing to spoil her. Hélène Degy is making a comeback after a year and a half absence such a big sun and says more about her pregnancy during filming.

She wasn’t part of the original cast, but quickly found her place in the adventure such a big sun. Hélène Degy appeared in the France 2 soap opera in the role of the attractive police officer Gaëlle Lestrac who was hiding a very dark secret. By bursting, this put an end to his love story with Lieutenant Levy (Benjamin Bourgois). Whether the latter lives a nice story with Julie – Sophie Staub, his wife behind the camera – he has never really forgotten his first love, languishing in the floor of a cell for almost three years.

Viewers haven’t forgotten Gaëlle Lestrac either, and that’s probably why for a few days and after a year and a half of absence the latter is making a comeback in the Montpellier range. Desperate, Gaëlle Lestrac escapes with a fellow prisoner and severely injures Brigadier Elise Borrel (Malya Roman). A dark and very physical intrigue into which Hélène Degy did not hesitate to immerse herself … despite her pregnancy!

A hidden tenant

It was cold, we felt like -2 or -5, we had to leave“, the actress continued in the documentary A such a big sun Posted online by France Télévisions on Saturday April 2nd. “It’s great to be able to experience this pregnancy at the same time as work. and to defend Gaëlle, who is not in this situation at all,” also confided the actress. To the Pocket TV, who also starred opposite Laurent Ournac in L’Archer noir, said a little more about the happy event. ” It turns out I was just beginning my pregnancy when I received the scripts. The production told me that we would find solutions so that it cannot be seen on air. Luckily I didn’t gain a lot of belly “She explains, recalling that she’s not the only actress on the soap opera to have combined work and motherhood.” Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi (Davia) et Aurore Delplace Johanna continued to work while pregnant. ”

“We worked outside a lot at night, remembered the actress. The teams were very caring with me. I have never exceeded my limits. However, I am sporty and daring. How well I felt I didn’t need a liner. ” Now more than a few months before breastfeeding. The actress appears to have made peace with some concerns: “I wondered about my desire for motherhood. I had to hold back my fears, like not existing as an artist anymore. Finding the right balance is not easy“, she admits. In this adventure, the actress will not be alone. His companion Simon Larvaron, also an actor, will be there at every turn. ” My husband found the words to calm me down “, she concludes. The great adventure of the threesome is about to begin…

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