Such a big sun: Shirley Bousquet not ready for another baby!

In an interview with our colleagues at Gala, Shirley confided in Bousquet (Un si grand soleil) that she doesn’t want any more children.

Shirley Bousquet – for who you know his role in Un si grand soleil – Farewell to motherhood. The MCE TV editorial team explains everything from A to Z!

Why doesn’t Shirley Bousquet (Un si grand soleil) want another baby?

Shirley Bousquet is a 46-year-old young woman. She is particularly famous for having acted in cafe camera and Under the sun. She is currently on screen in the famous soap opera Un si grand soleilbroadcast on France 2.

If we are talking about her this Thursday, March 30, 2022, it is because she gave an interview to our colleagues Gala. In it she talks about her role as a mother.

As you probably know, Shirley Bousquet already is Mother of a 3 year old boy. His name is Soren. And to believe the actress’ comments such a big sun, He is gorgeous. To describe him, she says he’s “easy, smiling, and fun”.

She says so tooHe already has the soul of an actor. Soren would tell stories. Perhaps he will go in the same direction as his mother.

Of course, our colleagues from Gala asked Shirley Bousquet if she wanted to give him a little brother or sister. And his answer was cash.

« I wouldn’t have the courage and then I’m outdated. Soren restera fils unique. INHe is often surrounded by his cousins. »she explained.

How much would even Sören be an only child of the actresssuch a big sun does not intend to make him a “child king”. Under no circumstance ! The MCE TV editorial tells you more.

It’s hard, hard being a mother!

Shirley Bousquet – who embodies Laetitia, the ex-wife of Manu Léoniin such a big sun – had a hard time getting Sören. I have to say that his work takes up a lot of his time.

“The only time I put my career on hold was to have a child. I was 42 years old and didn’t have time to wait anymore. I turned down offers at the theater. »she started.

Even today, the actress finds it difficult to practice her profession with a child in her paws. But fortunately, the latter can count on the tireless support of Charles Watine, his companion.

“My job is my passion and thanks to Charles I can do it with peace of mind. »exclaimed Shirley Bousquet about it. Before adding: “I’m lucky to have my husband, who masters the situation with a master’s hand. I leave relaxed because I know he takes care of it! ».

Despite the difficulty in reconciling private and professional life, the actress is fromsuch a big sun know, thatshe can’t do without Sören for long.

“When I first walked onto the set, I shed my tears on the train. Sören was 8 months old, I felt like I was leaving him. »she then said.

“For the first two years he was sulking when I came back. I wanted to take it, sniff it and it pushed me away, it was intense. On the other hand, I sometimes stay at home for a whole month because of my job. I can then devote myself to him in the morning, at noon and in the evening…”added her.

So you will understand Shirley Bousquet will not have any more children. However, she bends backwards for the one she already has.

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