Sports and culture day this Saturday for children from the key areas of Limoges

About twenty children from Limoges, Poitiers and Boulazac were able to take part in a day organized by the association Fête le mur. They first discovered the Casseaux oven and the history of porcelain. They then took part in a tennis tournament at the grounds of the Bas Fargeas sports complex in Limoges.

Let her escape

The “Games, Culture and Diversity” day, organized as part of the “Tour de France of Educational Competition” campaign, was a great success. For this second edition – the last one took place in 2020 – around twenty children from Limoges, Boulazac and Poitiers took advantage of two activities created by the socio-sports association Fête le mur, founded in 1996 by the former professional tennis player Yannick Noah.

The opportunity for these children from priority districts of city politics to play tennis and discover the heritage of Limoges. “Tennis is an excuse to take kids from their neighborhood. The aim is to offer them a day of celebration and fun combined with a cultural outing,” stresses Dominique Decoux, President of the Haute-Vienne Tennis Committee and Vice-President of the French Tennis Federation. “We have to give them that opportunity,” adds Rachid Makrani, the desk officer at the Fête le mur Limoges branch.

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memorize principles

In doing so, “values ​​such as solidarity, citizenship and of course the diversity highlighted today” will be inculcated. It is important that they grow up with their principles of self-development from an early age. Even though they didn’t know each other before, they had a good time together,” Rachid Makrani recalls.

Girls and boys aged 6 to 10 encouraged and congratulated each other during the games, like Émilie and Roxanne, even if there are three years between them.

Successful goal for the club, whose seven basic values ​​are: respect, solidarity, fighting spirit, tolerance, self-esteem, discipline and will.

Text: Emilie Montalban
Photos: Christelle Rama

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