Soyaux: a Ukrainian family reassembled by the war

like a big family

Once the conflict begins, they make their decision. Bring her two daughters and three grandchildren to safety, get them out of the chaos. “The bombings started, I was very worried. » Oleg Dergachov and Tanya Savayda took their car in mid-March, covering the thousands of kilometers that separated them from Poland, to pick up their first daughter, Martha, and their two children, Serge, 17, and Angelina, 9, in Kraków. who fled from Lviv in Ukraine. Tanya then left alone by plane to pick up her second daughter, Lydia, and her other granddaughter, Tanya, 11 years old. “I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I was fixated on the news day and night”, she chokes. Both trips were hard, stressful. “I waited more than 10 hours each time at the Kraków train station and then at the Warsaw train station before I found them. There were a lot of people there, I didn’t know when and with which bus they arrived. There was no internet connection. I was so relieved to see her. »

Everything is multiplied by four, but we are together.

Reassured, Oleg and Tanya now combine everyday life at eight. “We also brought a friend of my grandson’s, Kathy, 18. His mother is a doctor in Lviv, she is drafted into the hospital like his father, but he is for the war. We couldn’t leave her. It’s a terrible situation.”complains Tanya.

Financially, the implications are severe. ” It’s complicated. We work like one big family. The town hall helps us a lot, we were entitled to food aid.”slips Tanya, who is not used to knocking on doors. “Everything is multiplied by four, but we are together. » The couple bravely accepts, creates the papers, the school registrations.

The tearing of the exile is obvious on the faces, it is expressed in the words. “I’m afraid for my father, I don’t know when I’ll see him again, my friends are all scattered. We left everything, we are uprooted. My dreams are impossible at the moment”Disappointed, she delivers young Serge.

Generous donors

The budget for Oleg and Tanya’s trip to pick up their two daughters and three grandchildren from Ukraine in Poland was limited. “Six people to be returned required two long journeys, which incur many costs”explains Tanya.
Very touched by the financial gesture of their generous donors, who made it possible for them to realize their project, the couple would like to thank them for their invaluable help. “We were supported by our friends and our mechanic. Michel Labrousse, manager of the garage of the same name in Magnac-sur-Touvre, offered us 1000 euros for the overhaul, preparation, replacement of parts of our car to be able to leave safely the first time. Our friend Katy Rondineau lent us 1000 euros to cover the costs: petrol, tolls, food, hotels. Jessica Guerin, another friend, offered plane tickets for the second trip, from Bordeaux to Warsaw, return. Without them we would have had a lot of trouble making ends meet.”admit Oleg and Tanya, touched by this surge of solidarity. “I also appreciate the moral and logistical support of Melvin Conoix, who is very present at our side. »

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