Software publishers are looking for talent!

Employment in SaaS: an undeniable dynamic

Currently, the sector employs more than 75,000 workers (full-time permanent contracts), ie almost 1.3% of workers in mainly commercial services and 7.7% of workers in the information and communication sector. The sector added 16,100 net jobs between 2018 and 2020 and 85% of publishers increased their payroll in 2021.

The workforce is young, according to a 2019 INSEE survey, 83% of employees are under 50 years old. A small shadow on the board in this series of positive numbers: only 31% of the workforce are women, but the recruiters would try to feminize the teams… Even the health crisis will not have affected the dynamism of the sector that ended 2021 growth of around 4.5%.

A battle to recruit specific profiles

The most sought-after profile in the SaaS space remains the famous “developer”. 87% of software manufacturers say they have encountered recruitment difficulties in this field in 2021. The sales departments are also suffering from recruitment difficulties. Specialist salespeople with more than 8 years of experience are rare, employers grab them! 2022 should be no exception to this underlying trend, as the resumption of economic activity will require massive cessation in both of these disciplines.

B2B Rocks opens a reflection on this topic with Bpifrance and 42 Perpignan

One of the industry highlights this year will undoubtedly be the B2B Rocks festival. B2B Rocks is an online community that brings digital leaders together. This year it will meet in Montpellier from June 9th to 11th.

BPI France approached Colin Lalouette, President of B2B Rocks, to envision an event within the event. Géro Vigney, Director of 42 Perpignan recalls: “Since it was founded in 2013, 42 has always strived to offer the best computer education with innovative working methods to as many people as possible. The ultimate goal is sustainable professional integration. in the labor market In this sense, it was logical for 42 Perpignan Occitanie to join B2B Rocks during this round table organized by BPI France on talent recruitment issues. 42 Perpignan Occitanie shares the values ​​of inclusivity and performance that B2B Rocks hold dear, the proximity of Perpignan and Montpellier makes it a privileged ally for our future students.”

The result ? A round table to open a comprehensive reflection on the recruitment challenges in the sector in the presence of Arnaud Muller (Cleyrop), Catherine Ferrary Simon (Scaleway), Marion Frémy (3DS Outscale) and Géro Vigney from 42 Perpignan. The fact that this recruiting topic is the focus of this event shows the strategic importance of the topic.

Industry leaders and recent graduates need not worry, the market awaits them with open arms! B2B Rocks should also get the industry moving as this event aims to bring together more than 1,500 professionals.

Practical information

B2B Rocks from June 9th to 11th Domaine de Biar 5 minutes from the center of Montpellier.

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Sources: Insee / Ey Top 250 Software Publishers report published October 2019 / Business France.