Social housing, pensions… A roof in Clermont-Ferrand for the most vulnerable

In France, precariousness continues to increase, with the housing problem in the foreground. Therefore, the new residence “Côté cour” on Boulevard Lafayette in Clermont-Ferrand seems to be an innovative and attractive answer to this problem.

In this way, 67 residential units in the completely refurbished former Carsat offices were furnished with an attractive architectural result. But the most important thing is the social mix: 20 apartments are classic social apartments (T2, T3, T4), which receive their tenants for a maximum of 24 months.


47 more are in turn a “boarding house”, the first set up by the Ophis. T1 apartments for people who are generally alone, who are furthest from the apartment and pay a “global flat rate” of €455 per month, which includes not only the rent for the apartment but also all the services associated with it (fees , Support …). A sum that is usually covered by the various social benefits. And here the occupation is unlimited in time. In addition, the “residents” benefit from a whole range of social support to manage the organization and animation of daily life, maintenance of common areas, small repairs, relationships between neighbors … with times together (cooking workshops, digital hotlines, cultural and sports activities , socio-aesthetic care, fight against isolation, talk time etc.)

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A huge real estate project opposite the Michelin Stadium

On site. Many personalities attended this inauguration, including Jean-Marc Boyer, Senator of Puy-de-Dôme, Lionel Chauvin, President of the Department Council, Anne-Marie Maltrait, President of Ophis; Odile Vignal represents Olivier Bianchi, President of Clermont Métropole.

Arnaud Vernet

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