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Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh
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The innovation

Provide accommodation for 1 to 12 month stays abroad for professionals wishing to work from home while offering a customized school program for their children.


In September 2021, four professionals from diverse backgrounds, all frequent travelers, came together to fill a need that strikes them as screaming: to enable people, dubbed “digital nomads,” to work anywhere in the world, even if they of school age are children. Mauro Repacci and Marcos Carvalho, entrepreneurs and investors, Rekha Magon, a Bachelor of Accounting from McGill University with a degree in Education, and Elina Zois, holder of an MBA from Queen’s University, founded Boundless Life. At the beginning of February, a first cohort of families was received in about thirty homes for two months in Sintra, Portugal.

Boundless Life now has about forty employees in its Montreal offices and works remotely.

The product

“We are developing the lifestyle of the future,” summarizes Marcos Carvalho, co-founder and head of growth, without false modesty (Head of Demand Generation) chez Limitless life.


Children under 12 whose parents telecommute abroad complete a school program developed by Boundless Life that is inspired by the Finnish school system and focuses on project-based learning.

At the heart of this offering is giving families from around the world the opportunity to settle in small communities designed for teleworking. The first example, Sintra, gives an overview of the concept: families are housed in individual houses or buildings and of course have all the infrastructure for teleworking. Children under the age of 12 follow a school program developed by Boundless Life, inspired by the Finnish school system and focused on project-based learning.

“We created our own education system, the first in the world that can adapt to traveling families,” explains Mr. Carvalho. Our structure will spread all over the world to facilitate access to this lifestyle for those who have children. »

Sintra, a beautiful and peaceful historic city in south-west Portugal, fits the profile of Boundless Life’s desirable locations. “Historical villages, close to nature, where you can walk, with moderate temperatures, specifies Mr. Carvalho. We were inspired by the concept of Blue Zones, the places where people live the longest. We collected data to find out where we could reproduce this lifestyle and have the ideal environment to raise our children. »

The first cohort of Boundless Life was a United Nations compendium, “with Canadians, Americans, Colombians, Poles, Indians,” he reports. These families are encouraged to socialize and socialize with Sintra residents.

The prices vary enormously depending on the composition of the stay. Three months for a family of four from July: almost CAD 10,000. A month in August: about $6,000. “It may seem expensive, Mr Carvalho agrees. But these are short-term rental prices. At least 1,500 people are already on the waiting list, he says.


Like any successful startup, Boundless Life must balance growth with caution. For the first cohort, Mr. Carvalho made sure to test five houses himself – in Sintra we reached him by phone for the interview.


Families are accommodated in individual houses or buildings.

It is out of the question to flood the cities with a flood of tourists, here we favor the ” slow tourism where visitors actually live like locals. “We bring people who will really make a difference. »

Funding for an adventure like this is crucial, and Boundless Life had the chance to raise $2 million in April during a funding round that notably included Anges Québec, Sequoia and Lightspeed. “Our angels rarely invest in a company that is at the beginning of the adventure,” explains Caroline Pelletier, vice president, selection, at Anges Québec. What has caused a stir is their vision of where the company is going in terms of remote work, the search for work-life balance. »

The future

By the summer, Boundless Life hopes to open shelters in Spain, Greece and Italy. In the short term, Morocco is in our sights. And that’s just the beginning, promises Mr. Carvalho.

“The goal is to have 30 destinations in 3 years and 100 destinations in 5 years. »

In addition, a school program for young people in secondary school is to be offered. “By combining travel and education, we will truly succeed in building a better world,” says the co-founder. Discovering other cultures, developing compassion and empathy for others will help us reduce polarization, one of humanity’s great problems. »

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