Sidonie Bonnec: “My pregnancies? The most beautiful moments of my life”

Sidonie, what are your strongest beauty memories from your childhood?

My mother and grandmother have always had beautiful skin thanks to a healthy lifestyle. They taught me to protect myself from the sun, stay hydrated, not drink or smoke… On the other hand, it took me a while to be female, I was shy. Anything that drew people’s attention to me bothered me a bit.

Who were your role models?

I thought Anne Sinclair and Marilyn Monroe were very beautiful, but I didn’t want to look like it. Romy Schneider too, because she was very natural.

Ado, did you have any major slip-ups?
I’ve had some great haircuts, including my own hair color: I was orange! And I had a shell on my head when I see the photos… Dirty! (laughs) One day I woke up with a wick on my side and that’s when I found myself.

What is your great love, also due to a rare lack of time, when it comes to beauty?

i love massages I discovered the Kobido. It’s not always comfortable, it can hurt because it pulls, but you look great! It’s a rare treat that I’ve never regretted.

You are a mother of two children, how did your pregnancies go?

I experienced them very well because I was prepared. Everyone told me: “Your body will suffer, you will gain a little weight, etc.” but it was the best time of my life! I paid attention to the health of my babies, but without breaking my head. I was happy, fulfilled and good in my body. Getting belly fat, stretch marks, cellulite… that was fine with me.

Have you had any particular food cravings?

Oh yes, I was craving a hot, buttery goat cheese sandwich at night! At one in the morning I could easily make myself some, which I never did again after the pregnancy.

How did you deal with the pregnancy pounds after giving birth?
I resumed my professional activity pretty early every time, that was the deal, so I left quickly and was in a real energy. I’m athletic so I made time to go to the pool and do yoga. I’m petite, I’ve only gained 25 pounds, that’s how it was. My mantra is to be kind to myself, I don’t want to suffer so I didn’t want to force myself on a post pregnancy diet. I didn’t care, I was alive, it’s hard enough to balance work and kids.

How did you experience the time after the birth?

After a first child, you don’t know where you’re going, so it’s overwhelming. The second, I had it at 41 and I now realize I’m in good shape just three years later. I devote myself to the children and work, I don’t have much free time. I know I haven’t given myself enough time to rest and I haven’t really given my spouse space after my confinement. Result: I didn’t have a maternal burnout, but a kind of latent depression, a great tiredness that I took the time to recognize and overcome. I’ve been telling myself for a few months that I’m in better shape there as I get older, than three years ago. When the children were born, everything went well, so I didn’t want to complain and went through with it, I didn’t listen to myself enough and I was a bit choking.

Back to beauty, has motherhood changed your habits?

My daughter has liberated many things, she has brought color into my life. Before that I worked on different facts. It was exciting, but I found I wanted ease with her. So I changed the domain completely. From now on I do many general culture magazines, whether on France 2 or on the radio, and it is always associated with good humor and laughter. She opened me up to it. It also made me want to be more colourful, lighter, fresher and more feminine in my clothes and make-up. My daughter rides it, she has an innate fashion sense, it’s amazing! She likes me cheerful, bright, with dresses, colors, hats… She pays attention to how I look before I go to work, it’s amazing. I like it, I was in a very discreet style. She revealed a femininity that I had somewhere but wasn’t fully developed yet. I appreciate his comments, I’m amazed at his confidence and personality. She has a style book where she designs clothes. She’s in full swing!

Do you have any other rituals that you do together?

Under the amazed eyes of her little brother, I give her an introduction to water-based makeup or nail polish if she asks. They are always stuck in the bathroom looking at my products! I let Bonnie-Rose use my cream every now and then when she tells me “I want beautiful skin like you”. It always comes from her.

How do you choose your beauty products?

I wrote a book with Marie Drucker, part of which is dedicated to her. I know which preservatives should not appear on a label, that formulations with as few ingredients as possible should be preferred, etc. I’m quite loyal when it comes to cosmetics, I don’t change products often.

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