She announces her “pregnancy” to Greg Yega

Maeva Ghennam announced to Greg Yega that she was pregnant. Disappointed with the reaction of the reality TV candidate, the two influencers explain themselves on their social networks.

Capucine Anav: her difficulties in conceiving

Motherhood is an experience that is as disturbing as it is incredible. As our reality TV starlets get older, many of them have been blessed with their dreams of starting a family. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the same boat. And if some manage to get pregnant in the shortest possible time, the struggle for others is more difficult.

This is especially true for Capucine Anav. The young woman will soon marry the man of her dreams. And while she’s super happy with this idea, there’s still a shadow on the board.

In fact, Capucine Anav only dreams of one thing: becoming a mother. But, as she confided to me “It’s a complicated path full of pitfalls”. And to add: “I dream of having a family, of being a mother, I want it to be quick. I did all the exams, apparently everything is fine, but it would be in my head, I have to manage to let go … And one day maybe my belly will grow, in any case I really hope so, because sure, if I do. I have no children, I’ve missed my life. I was made to be a mother.”

Maeva Ghennam announces her pregnancy to Greg Yega.

Shanna Kress: Pregnant and scared of becoming a mother?

It’s official, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas are also trying to start a family. The couple repeatedly stated that they would do anything to have a baby. But again, the road to motherhood can be a lot more complicated than it seems.

While Shanna Kress went off the pill more than a month ago, the young woman explained that she was showing the first signs of pregnancy. “I’m doing really well, I’m not to be pitied … I’m just asking myself a lot of questions because I have a stomach ache, I’m eating a lot compared to usual, I’m calm. I feel a little different. What is it related to? I do not know “.

If that’s good news, the young woman suddenly felt reluctance and fear at the thought that she might actually be pregnant. “I think I’m afraid to go to a test and it’s positive because it’s always scared me.” It has to be said that in the current context, Shanna Kress doesn’t really know where she is. “I haven’t gone into all the details, but there are many things that made having a child traumatic for me. I’m really telling you, this is it… (…) I have a real block knowing that I want to start a family with my sweetheart. (…)”

Maeva Ghennam: ready to become a mother this year

In the same vein, another candidate surprised the web earlier this year. In fact, the influencer expressed her desire to become a mother in 2022. While in a relationship at the time, the young woman revealed that she has big plans for the coming months.

“I’m in love and I’m 24 years old. And I tell myself that it’s time to have children. I want so badly to be a mom. Can you introduce me to mom? »

This is obviously Maeva Ghennam. “Maeva Ghennam with kids? I would be too beautiful, my children would be too beautiful, too cute. Here I feel ready to be a mother. I think in 2022 I will get pregnant, in 2023 I will give birth.” While her love life still seems just as messy, what about her baby plans? Anyway, the web is sure that she is close to confirming her pregnancy.

Maeva Ghennam Pregnant With Greg Yega? She is disappointed in his reaction

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega once again drive their fans crazy. While nobody really knows what’s going on between the two candidates, they remain very close on their social networks. Greg and Maeva recently spent the evening together. While Paga’s best friend is filming the influencer, he explains that she’s mad at him for a change!

But this time it’s a very specific reason that annoys the reality TV candidate. As she explains to the camera, Maeva Ghennam wanted to prank Greg Yega. Then she explained it to himshe was pregnant Not only did the influencer say she was expecting a child, but beyond thatshe had resorted to IVF and that she was in the process of making a reality show about it.

She trusts: I told him now I’m doing a shoot because I’m pregnant. Because I did IVF and suddenly Banijai they shoot me because I’m pregnant with IVF. And he believed it! But where should I shoot because I’m pregnant with IVF? »

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