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Scaling, what is it? definition

First of all, what gesture are we really talking about when we open your baby? The term “calottage” means that the skin covering the glans is pushed towards the base of the penis. This gesture has long been recommended to parents by paediatricians, nurses, who feared these bacteria from the first months of life do not get stuck between the skin of the foreskin and the glans and do not cause infections. The crack, sometimes powerful, aimed at it Better clean that area. A fear we know today is unfounded, babies’ penises are not “dirty”. “Moreover, before that very hygienic period, we did not take care of the foreskin and there were no particular problems,” recalls Professor Bernard Boillot, pediatric urologist, in Grenoble.

Why is it no longer necessary to open your baby?

Except in special cases, the recommendations are no longer to withdraw an infant, nor to force on this little thin skinwhich very often involves adhesions because too sudden a movement could cause them a scarred foreskin and some risks.

  • In the past, muscle cracking, sometimes performed by a doctor, to “crack” the foreskin was primarily provocative microlesionsPain that is useless and made washing impossible for several weeks.
  • A gentler or progressive cracking performed by parents does not pose great risks but actually proves not much use.

The key word today is patience: “Things get done of course over time“confirms the pediatrician, who simply recommends another, less invasive gesture to parents who still want to make sure that everything is okay: just pull gently on this skin at the tip of the infant’s penis to see the opening through which urine comes out. “After that, we won’t touch it again!” The child will take care of uncovering it himself in due course.

Removal of the foreskin by the child: when and how to have it done?

There is no need to do it early. On the other hand, if the child is older, at the time of the shower or bath, around 5, 6 or 7 years old, it is possible to then ask them to “gently pull on their foreskin” to see the end” of their penis , when he bathes or wants to urinate. “The child is not crazy, he goes at his own pace, millimeter by millimeter, without trauma,” confirms the urologist, “this simple gesture, performed six times a day, naturally softens the skin.”

When to consult a pediatrician?

So if there is no longer an obligation to cap, there are exceptions and questions that can lead you to see a doctor or specialist who will carry out a cap, treatment or even a cap to the operationIn rare cases.

With phimosis in children?

Phimosis, a skin that is too tight around the glans and forms what is known as a preputial ring, is often a concern for parents. “But you have to know that All babies are born with phimosisthat’s nothing dramatic, that’s it physiological“(Source 1), reassures the specialist. So there is no need to insist at all costs and withdraw a baby with phimosis. However, if it persists and worries you, talk to your pediatrician.

For preputial urination

is preputial urination a complication who, on the other hand, asks a specialist to intervene to retract the child’s face when faced with a problem: when the child pees, Urine gets stuck in the foreskin that swells only to flow drop by drop. Although not painful, the phenomenon requires a treatment.

If there is a risk of urinary tract infection

When a significant malformation affects the urinary system (e.g. the kidneys), the doctor must also intervene at the level of the foreskin to prevent a urinary tract infection from developing. “But all these deformities are visible on ultrasoundduring pregnancy,” the specialist recalls. Appointments are therefore made before the birth.

Is smegma a sign of poor hygiene?

we call smegma, a yellowish secretion, which looks like wax produced by the sex organs, be it the glans ridge in boys or the vulva area in little girls. And so is this secretion under the foreskin completely normal. “I see concerned parents taking it for an infection or pus. However, not only is it not an infection, but a completely banal secretion, the smegma also has the advantage that it forms small residues, Naturally lift the foreskin over time”, specifies Dr. Boilllot. So nothing can be done about smegma.

Health experts now agree: daily enough water easy to clean the baby’s intimate areas and avoid excessive grooming. “The rule is the same as for the little girl’s vulva: we don’t pour in excess of hygiene. The ecosystem present in the genitals is sufficient to keep them healthy,” emphasizes the professor.

How should you bathe with an infant or toddler?

  • A simple one wash water daily, without excess.
  • A little soap if necessary (if, for example, bowel movements have contaminated the genital area)
  • Do not bathe your baby too often: neither daily nor too hot.
  • We also avoid duplicating the products in the tub, “which only ends up drying out the epidermis for uncomfortable dehydration,” says the urologist.

In other words, and more practically, don’t be fooled by hygiene reasons or trendy products: the simplest wash is also the most suitable for your baby.

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