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The Independent Commission on Incest and Child Sexual Abuse has just released a progress report. In its recommendations, the Ciivise emphasizes the need to take into account girls and boys with disabilities. But it hardly addresses institutional violence.

This time girls and boys with disabilities were not quite there forgotten. Six months ago, the Independent Commission on Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (Ciivise) was installed in its current form in March 2021*, launched a call for testimonials. Without mentioning minors with disabilities or even making its online questionnaire fully accessible, as reported by

Twenty common sense recommendations

On March 31, the Ciivise presented its interim results. Based, among other things, on around 10,000 collected testimonies. Their report contains twenty recommendations grouped around four axes: identification of child victims, legal treatment, redress through care and compensation, and finally prevention.

In particular, its members recommend organizing a systematic identification above Interviews with doctors, teachers… but also to ensure the effective implementation of teaching sessions on affective and sexual life at school. Or even to guarantee that any hearing of a child victim during an investigation is conducted by a professional trained in a specific protocol. Recommendations that make sense, long awaited.

Children with disabilities, victims of denial

Admittedly, the Ciivise does not provide specific measures for children with disabilities. But on several occasions she remembers her peculiarities. And especially her excessive exposure to sexual violence.

They actually exist “a 2.9 times greater risk of becoming a victim of [telles] Force “. 4.6 times even for people with mental illness or intellectual disability. An overexposure to which comes an even harsher denial than with other children.

It is therefore necessary, among other things, to wear “special attention (…) to the systematic identification of sexual violence against children with disabilities”. Especially since the signs of trauma are “Often misinterpreted as a result of disability”. This increases the risk of making violence invisible.

Institutions, blind spot of the report

The message, carried in particular by Marie Rabatel, who sits in the Ciivise, begins to spread visibly. “But the commission focuses on incest at the expense of sexual violence committed outside the familyregrets the President of the Francophone Association of Autistic Women. Whether in a sports club or for disabled children in a facility. This is the big blind spot of this work. »

And, for example, to regret that there is no recommendation for recruiting professionals to work there. Such as the need to make it mandatory to see the files of perpetrators of sexual or violent crimes. Also nothing about the coexistence of children and adults in the medical-pedagogical institutes, which is maintained under the Cretan amendment.

Will the Commission change course in the coming months? After this progress report, it will have to present its final conclusions in the first half of 2023.

* Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Child Protection, announced the creation of this commission in August 2020. Élisabeth Guigou was first appointed as its director in December 2020. But the former Garde des Sceaux resigned in early January because Olivier Duhamel, who was accused of incest by his stepdaughter Camille Kouchner, had just stepped down.

Many disabled witnesses

13% of victims! This is the percentage of people with disabilities among the 4,680 women and 630 men who responded to the Ciivise questionnaire. A bare number that seems to confirm the reality of the phenomenon. Without giving the full measure.

Because half a year after it was posted online, the document is still not available in an easily readable and understandable version… In addition, many people with severe intellectual disabilities are unable to testify. Your words therefore remain inaudible.

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