Sevran: A father killed by the police, a grieving neighborhood

Jean-Paul, 32, was shot dead by a BAC agent in Sevran on Saturday March 26, leaving a family, children and an entire neighborhood in mourning. To be honest, two: the neighborhood of his childhood in Beaudottes in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) and that of Gros-Saule in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis). “Everyone knew him, everyone had a story to tell about him, and everyone liked him” confides in his childhood friend.

From the age of 6 to 26 they grew up in the same building in Sevran until he moved with his partner to Aulnay-sous-Bois, just 5 minutes drive from the neighborhood where he grew up. “I learned it at a wedding. The first thing we knew was hunting. Then we were told he died in a gunfight after two cardiac arrests.” remembers the young man of 31 years.

A fatal shot, the reasons for which we do not yet understand

Jean-Paul is described as a parcel deliverer “A little crazy but super nice, super close to his family. He has a record, but for nonsense from the past. Now he works, he has children, it was over. »

According to data from Parisian and from the AFP, The facts happened around 12:30 that Saturday when the theft of a van was reported to the police. At a red light at the junction of Sevran and Aulnay, the driver is then checked by one of the ferry’s agents, who gets out of the vehicle to arrest him.

Even my mother, who knows her mother very well because we grew up together, now says that the police kill people at random.

The circumstances surrounding the crime remain unclear. The BAC agent uses his weapon and the victim’s utility vehicle collides with vehicles parked on the street. The 32-year-old eventually succumbed to his injuries after being taken to hospital. The police officer behind the shooting was treated after being hospitalized “Chocolate” psychologically, according to the Parquet de Bobigny. The IGPN was thus confiscated.

But with Beaudottes it is the incomprehension that prevails in view of the ridiculousness of the circumstances mentioned for the time being after the death of the father of the family. “Shot from then on! Knowing that he has no gun is incomprehensible to us, chains up his childhood friend who is still in shock. “We wonder why? There were other solutions. Even my mother, who knows her mother very well because we grew up together, now says that the police kill people at random. »

The tension in the face of relations between police and residents

From the Sevran-Beaudottes RER station to the small shops around town, everyone is talking and talking about the sudden death of this father. “It was the people at the train station who told me”, reports a street clothes seller. Rumors and hearsay are in full swing between sellers and buyers at Sevran Market.

The violence that ensued sparked debate. Images of vehicles and rubbish bins on fire, or clashes between police forces and local residents, have been on the front pages of news channels non-stop since this weekend. Usual images that far-right candidates pounced on opportunistically, but not only. “There is no violence that can be excused, justified (…). This violence is unacceptable and is causing more harm to the residents of these neighborhoods.” explained PCF candidate Fabien Roussel on Cnews.

They bother us, we mourn!

In Sevran we vacillate between understanding an anger we know all too well in the face of the drama of police violence and feeling a desire for appeasement following the drama. “There’s no point in breaking things, it won’t bring him back. We must pray that he goes in peace. »

There is already a version that has come out while journalists do not know anything.

In the heart of the Beaudottes district, several groups of young people between 20 and 30 have gathered with pinched faces. After publishing several articles about the drama that took place this weekend and the riots that have followed, they are suspicious. Media coverage transcribing the police version, highlighting the stolen van and images of a bus on fire, helping to lift the spirits at the sight of journalists: “You disturb us, we mourn! » throw one of them.

A few meters away, two men are arguing. They, overly suspicious, reply: “There is already a version that has come out while journalists don’t know anything. But whatever version comes out, who cares. He’s dead, he’s dead. There’s no point giving ours away. »

In the Marcel Paul neighborhood center in Sevran, the employees fear the coming nights of revolt and prefer to demand their right of withdrawal and redirect to the town hall. For its part, the town hall of Sevran did not respond to our inquiries. City councilor Stéphane Blanchet reacted quickly via press release after Jean-Paul’s death: “We carry with the family the demand for the truth about what happened in Sevran on Saturday (…). I would also like to share our call for truth for the memory of those who have died. This demand applies both in the media and in our neighborhoods.”

A grief that is borne by all generations

A few meters from the Evariste Galois College in Sevran and in the heart of the town of Beaudottes, the drama unfolded before the eyes of the residents.

“The day it happened we heard a noise. My mom told me not to go to the window in case there was a bullet and she told me not to go out at night anymore.” says one of two Year 5 students at Galois College, candy in hand and phone in the other as they sit outside their building.

“The city is like a family. It’s like they lost their big brother.” regrets a teaching assistant at Galois College. “They talk to us about it all day. You’re in college and you’re talking about a murder, that’s not normal. It’s shocking, they can’t concentrate in the morning when they get to school. There is a student who arrives every day with a smile, as always, and he was in pain. »

Police cars driving around all day while a dead man is being killed by police, is that normal?

It’s closing time at college and all the students are on their way home. An ACN hearing police trucks heading towards the neighborhood wonders: “Police cars driving around all day while a dead man is being killed by the police, is that normal? »

“The students are back, they want revenge. We understand them in a way, but we tell them to let the police do their job and keep working at the school. But violence is the only way they found to express their feelings he regrets, it’s not over. It will be repeated in 2005, like the revolts for Zyed and Bouna.

This Tuesday morning, far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is greeted at Sevran police station. A political visit that risks adding fuel to the fire in a neighborhood still in shock.

Anissa Rami

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