Sarthe. To help the mother and her three autistic children, “the structures are mobilized to find a solution”

The Mayor of Coulans-sur-Gée, Michel Briffault and Daniel Lesschaeve
The Mayor of Coulans-sur-Gée, Michel Briffault and Daniel Lesschaeve have been mobilized for several years to help the family. ©Julie Hurisse/Sabled News

The difficulties of the mother with her three autistic children are well known departmentof’ARS and the mayor of Coulans-sur-Gee, Michel Briffault. On several occasions he had to deal with the neighbors’ fears that young adults could become violent.

The only home for adults with autism in Sarthe

Coulans-sur-Gée is not like any other commune in the Sarthe when it comes to autism.

For the past fifteen years it has housed the only adult home severe autism, The hearth of the orchard. It has 25 places and an expansion project for child day care is planned.

“The city will give a plot of land again,” says the mayor. Additionally since September 2021 a Kindergarten class for autism at school.

So many arguments put forward by the chosen one. “The residents have knowledge about autism, they meet regularly with the residents of the home on the street, in the shops”.

complaints from neighbors

Daniel LesschaevePresident of the association COSIA 72 and member of various structures related to autism, followed the family.

“A first child was taken into the home, then a second.”

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Mom didn’t leave her there. “She wanted them to be cared for as she saw fit.”

At this time, in 2011, when the three autistic children now live full-time with their mother, the mayor receives the first complaints from neighbors.

“Young people have times of crisis, stepping out into public spaces and attacking neighbours,” explains Michel Briffault.

In 2017, the residents came to the town hall, to be on the safe side, I filed a complaint with the public prosecutor.

Michel Briffault, Mayor of Coulans

Another episode happened recently, on Saturday March 19th.

He says. “I was summoned, as at other times. I went with two assistants, I never go there alone. A neighbor was attacked. I went to the mother. The climate was calm. As we were about to leave, one of the three young people came out of the house in the middle of a crisis. I called the fire brigade and the gendarmes, we were in the public area. He saw his neighbor and wanted to attack her. Together we were able to avoid that.”

And the chosen one confirms it. “The decision was made by the firefighter doctor to take him to the emergency room. An hour later he came out reassured.

Which solutions?

Michel Briffault reiterates that the departmental council and the ARS are mobilized to find a solution for the three young people. “The search for suitable care in a medical-social facility is complex,” explains the department in a press release.

Your admission or the admission projects worked on in recent years, whether in the Sarthe or in Belgium, may have met with rejection from your mother.

Departmental Council of the Sarthe

Other tracks were laid.

“In the face of a lack of support in the structure, since 2019 the Departmental House of Autonomy, the Sarthe Autonomy and the ARS have set up home support through two Aid and Support Services.”

Meeting soon

A meeting with all stakeholders is planned shortly to try to strengthen the support of the siblings while waiting for care in an appropriate structure.

There is still a place available in the home for Fouad.

Meanwhile, the mom still lives around the clock with her three autistic children.

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