Sarthe. Agriculture: the Riautés, a family of enthusiasts

Patrice Riauté and his son Matthieu bought two milking robots.
Patrice Riauté and his son Matthieu bought two milking robots. ©Sable News

Since last August Matthieu Riaute23, came to the farm with his parents, at a place called Les Courbetons, in Parce sur Sarthe.

Holder of a professional baccalaureate degree in Agricultural Management and Management and a BTS in Analysis, Management and Strategy of Agricultural Enterprise, he comes to help his parents: Catherine and Patrice.

“He always said he wanted to do it,” says Patrice Riauté. Matthieu was employed on the farm for three years. “The goal was to settle down with my parents,” he explains. In addition to the three partners, one employee works full-time.

Since settling on the farm in 1998, Patrice Riauté has been used to recruiting apprentices.

We’ve always trained, it’s important to share what we’re doing. We will continue to train and hire young people. If we can sponsor a few callings, that would be great!

Patrice Riaute

A profession in transition

If Matthieu has chosen to do the same job as his parents, there are a few things that change.

The farm just acquired two milking robot. With this tool, cows can come and be milked whenever they want (on average 3 times a day).

The special feature of the job is the on-call service for morning and evening milking. And that 7 days a week, a physically demanding job. From now on, the robot will take over this work.

Mathieu Riaute

This inevitably changes the everyday life of farmers.

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“We can spend more time with the family. When we eat with the family, we don’t have to go home to be milked,” say father and son happily.

Nevertheless, Patrice Riauté would like to emphasize: “This does not detract from the profession of breeder, quite the opposite. Matthieu continues: “The computer is faster than us. It’s a great tool. »

In fact, in addition to milking the cow, the robot gives the breeder a certain amount of data about the animal. The latter must learn to analyze them and be able to intervene more quickly when a problem is detected.

A flock that is growing

Along with the purchase of this robot, the employees have carried out a number of works that give up the right to manufacture 900,000 liters per year. “You can remain calm for several years,” hopes Patrice Riauté.

Today the Riauté have a herd of 55 cows.

The famous Rillette ice cream

“The goal is to get to 80-90,” he warns.

In addition to milk production, there is an ice processing workshop.

The latter, run by Catherine, is particularly well-known for its rillette ice cream.

The 120-acre farm also includes a poultry workshop. “These are laying pullets. We raise them as chicks and prepare them for laying,” informs Patrice Riauté.

The aim is to “stabilize operations” with the various investments made. Therefore, if his parents decide to pass the torch on, Matthieu Riauté will have a great tool to carry on the family passion.

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