Samuel Paty’s family files a complaint against state education

According to Liberation, S. Paty’s family filed a complaint on April 6 for failing to assist a person in danger and preventing a crime against G Darmanin and JM Blanquer. Family attorney Virginie Le Roy is pointing out flaws in the handling of this case that will leave Samuel Paty defenseless on October 16, 2020. She is also calling for a parliamentary inquiry. These complaints show that the General Inspectorate’s report, where the administration quickly exonerated itself, is inadequate. Culture without waves has failed S Paty.

The silence of the ministers

This complaint arises from the study of the file by the family lawyer. It shows significant shortcomings in the handling of this case, both on the part of the police and on the part of the National Education System. For Maitre Le Roy, speaking in Liberation, “mistakes were made. It is important that all light is shed and that Samuel Paty’s family learn the truth.” Before filing a complaint, the lawyer wrote to the two Ministers of the Interior and National Education without receiving a reply.

The main mistake made by the police was to have underestimated the risk of an attack, even though the trial of Charlie Hebdo was taking place and the cartoons had been republished at the same time.

National Education has minimized the risk

On the national education side, according to the attorney, “the system that is in charge of keeping the people of national education safe [a] badly bankrupt,” she writes. The Daseen would have minimized the risk.” “The Daasen has narrowed the situation down to the sole issue of discrimination.” “All references to contesting the teaching of Samuel Paty on religious grounds and to blasphemy have been removed,” according to a report on the national administration’s misinterpretation of Education Begins there, and behind them all followed … Der Daasen did not pick up the pen of October 12″.

When the General Inspectorate’s report was released on December 4, 2020, we raised this odd administrative silence in the last week before the assassination of S. Paty. “We will not know much more about the period from the publication of the videos on the Internet on October 10th to the assassination on October 16th. Curiously, the report only devotes two pages to this period, which is nonetheless crucial given that it spans around fifteen pages for the week of October 5-10. It is likely that “aside from a phone call between Daasen and the Prefect’s deputy chief executive officer, everyone believed they did what was necessary leading to the assassination of S. Paty, the report is very quiet,” we wrote. We concluded: “Everyone did their job. Everything was perfect. So perfect that on October 16 Paty was alone with his assassin. And that we would like to know why.”

Francois Jarraud

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