Salmonella in children’s chocolates: “He screamed, it was cruel,” testify parents of sick children

Twenty cases of salmonellosis were identified in France on Tuesday April 5 by Santé Publique France. Several parents of sick children testify.

A case that spoils the Easter holidays. The Ferrero brand is removing tons of chocolates from the shelves after an outbreak of salmonellosis in several European countries. In France, 21 cases were identified, 15 of which were linked to the consumption of a children’s product manufactured in a Belgian factory.Eight people were hospitalized

before they can return to their homes. These are mainly children with an average age of 4 years. Some parents decided to testify.

When we hear him scream, there really is a problem “Estelle Midi” continues this Tuesday RMC

and RMC Story, the father of a three-and-a-half-year-old child suffering from severe gastroenteritis, expressed concern. Her son ate children withdrawn from the market for salmonellosis a few days ago.

“In the night from Friday to Saturday he screamed,” this dad tells our colleagues. “He’s a premature baby who had surgery when he was two days old, so he’s very tough. If you hear him screaming, there’s really a problem. We went to the emergency room straight away because maybe his symptoms were at risk, due to his pathology at birth, a malformation in the intestines and in the pancreas.The family are now awaiting the results of the tests carried out to find out if it is salmonellosis. “IHe is depressed, very tired. He has a fever, he’s not feeling well

. We want to please with little candies like that, but actually… It’s true that I’m in shock because it’s my three and a half year old child, because it can be very, very serious. It can still be the gastro, we don’t know that yet.”

We give them things that make them happy and we end up making them sick Same story for this mother. At 18 months, their son Maïron suffered from fever, acute diarrhea and vomiting after eating the brand’s chocolate. She testifies on the microphone RTL: “

Honestly, if he has to go to the hospital for a Kinder Egg, there’s cause for anger.”

Worry in the Hérault In the chocolate department at Auchan, Laura and Yvan, parents of an 8-year-old boy, remember the news: “We prefer to look at Milka or Daim for chocolate at the moment”. The couple is disillusioned: “Kinder is an emblematic brand, we had confidence, we preferred this brand at a discount. We are disappointed.”

Laura admits that she’s paying more and more attention to the composition of the groceries she buys.

In any case, with these products, the health authorities urge the French not to consume them and throw them away immediately. And in case of complaints (gastrointestinal disorders, fever) consult a doctor within 48 hours after consumption.

So check your closets. Not all children’s products are suitable. Children’s surprises, chocolate bons and mini eggs are affected. Finally, a telephone number was set up for all questions on this subject: 0 800 65 36 53.

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