Salary, RTT and holiday pay

Syntec: salary, RTT and vacation pay

The collective agreement is an amalgamation of several trade unions. It offers a salary grid, RTT, severance pay, etc.

Syntec is an amalgamation of several trade unions working in different and specialized fields. These unions are affiliated to the National Convention of Consulting Engineers, Technical Design Bureaus and Consulting Firms. The Syntec Federation is the most influential organization in the technical consultant, consulting firm and technical consultant profession. she counts 80,000 member companies and 910,000 employees. It is possible to you can find the full text of the Syntec Collective Bargaining Agreement free of charge at this address.

What is the salary table at Syntec?

The Syntec Collective Bargaining Agreement represents a grading system for grading each employee. This grading varies from digit 1 that includes beginners digit 3 This includes engineers and managers whose positions require complex knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility. Every employee covered by the Syntec collective agreement is assigned to one of two categories.

  • The category of engineers and managers
  • The category of ETAM (employees, technicians and supervisors).

Salaries are listed on Based on a contract of 35 hours per weekwhat corresponds to that legal working time. Referring to the grid, we see that a technician ranked in coefficient 250 wins at least 1,618 euros gross per month. Here is the salary table set by the convention collective by Syntec. The ETAM starts with the lowest remuneration minimum wagethe manager starts his career with a salary of almost 2000 euros.

coefficients Gross minimum wages (in euros)
230 1,558.80
240 1,587.50
250 1618.5
275 1,683.75
310 1,786.7
355 1 922.6
400 2059.80
450 2 210.30
500 2 355.80
Executives and Engineers:
coefficients Gross minimum wages (in euros)
95 1,983.6
100 2 088.0
105 2 186.1
115 2,394.3
130 2,706.6
150 3123.0
170 3,490.1
210 4 311.3
270 5,543.1

What are the salary coefficients at Syntec?

Each employee who falls under the Syntec collective agreement is attached a coefficient. Salary coefficients vary from 95 for junior executives and engineers at 270 for experienced executives and engineers hold positions of high responsibility.

ETAMs are classified by Coefficient 220 for new employees to Coefficient 500 for experienced supervisors.

Does Syntec have RTTs?

The Syntec collective agreement stipulates that the weekly hourly rate may vary from 35 h to 38 h 30. In any case, the modulation of working time must guarantee a balance for the working employees more than 35 hours per week. Flat rate employees can get a raise rather than RTTs.

Employees who work in a company that has been covered by the Syntec collective agreement for more than a year will see her salary will continue to be paid in full for the duration of the statutory leave (maternity leave). Compensation from pension schemes and social security is deducted from the payments. From the third month of pregnancy, employees who are covered by the Syntec collective agreement benefit from a working time reduction of 20 minutes per day without her salary going down. This duration increases by 30 minutes from the fifth month.

Holiday pay must be the same 10% of the total mass of paid vacation allowances for all employees as of May 31. There are three calculation methods for holiday pay, but the Syntec collective agreement does not decide which calculation method is used in the companies. However, the calculation method used is the choice of the employer it must apply to all employees.

  1. Calculate a total of 1/10 of the gross basis of paid leave for all employees, divide by the number of employees and continue with an even distribution

  2. Transition to a prorated distribution of salaries with increases for dependent children

  3. 10% increase in holiday pay for each employee

How long is the trial period at Syntec?

The length of the probationary period depends on this the classification of each employee. An employee with a coefficient from 200 to 355 benefits from a probationary period ofone month renewable one montha supervisor with a coefficient of 400 to 500 benefits from a probationary period of two months extendable two months and a manager or engineer receives a probationary period of three months extendable three months.

Every employment contract can be terminated provided that the notice period is observed. The cancellation must be communicated by a registered letter of cancellation with acknowledgment of receipt. Thanks to permanent contracts, it is possible for employees to leave their company ordinary termination of the employment contract.

What is the notice period at Syntec?

The Syntec collective agreement provides for a one-month notice period for ETAMs with less than two years of service and a coefficient of less than 400, as well as for intermittent survey managers with less than two years of tenure. The notice period is extended two months for other ETAMs and survey managers and to three months for executives.

What happens in case of death?

The Syntec collective agreement provides for Vacation days on the death of a loved one. These extraordinary sheets are two days in the event of the death of a spouse or child and D’one day upon the death of other collateral up to the 2nd degree.

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