Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët. Death of Pierre Guepratte, the family requests that the investigation be reopened

Since Pierre's death, Agnès Guepratte, his mother and the whole family refute the thesis that the twenty-year-old man committed suicide.
Since Pierre’s death, Agnès Guepratte, his mother and the whole family refute the thesis that the twenty-year-old man committed suicide. (© Archive La Gazette de la Manche)

the November 20, 2017the lifeless body of Pierre Guepratte20, was found Vireynear Saint Hilaire du Harcouet (Some).

Four and a half years after the events, his family still refutes this official thesis of a suicide by hanging.

His parents appealed dismissal order hoping for restart investigations. This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the Investigatory Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Caen dealt with this case.

recall of facts

For the record, this young man was found dead on the afternoon of that autumn day, under the bridge that spanned the Sélune. His mother, who reported his disappearance earlier in the afternoon, went to the crime scene shortly after the gendarmes arrived.
She had started to do “tests” on the spot about the plausibility of such a gesture by her son.

At the end of the hearing this Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Agnès Guépratte confided that there was no sign of hanging.

It’s impossible, there were no signs of hanging. I’m a mother, I’m stubborn, maybe stubborn, maybe it’s frowned upon, but I want the truth.

Agnes GueprattePeter’s mother

An audience without an audience

This took place in the council chamber, i.e. without an audience. After about an hour of debate, the parents’ attorney said, I Meriem Baba (Saumur), has agreed to retrace the thread of that day, November 20, 2017.

Found in a seated position, a leash around his neck

By the morning Pierre had done some shopping including buying a leash to outfit the SPA dog he wanted. As he was cycling that day, he had informed his father about his return around noon.

At 4 p.m., still without news and convinced that something had happened, his parents went to the gendarmerie of Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët.

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Her son’s body was found sitting with the dog collar at the end of the famous leash around his neck. The rope was connected to some kind of nut near a wall about three feet high.

Considering the weight, Pierre’s height, the size of the rope, the depth of the nut, the slightest tug would have loosened the rope. It’s a bit hard to imagine that he hanged himself that way using a rather unusual scheme, or that he would have wisely waited for death.

me babethe second attorney following this file for the family

Pierre could not tie knots

The lawyer, who describes a young man as “joyful, laughing, in touch with life,” says he didn’t know how to tie knots.

He had motor, mobility and speech problems and was very dependent on his parents. Some could take advantage of his naivety, his generosity as he had no real sense of reality.

the family attorney

Murder disguised as suicide?

Her thesis is that of the “make-up of a murder”. One of the hypotheses put forward is that of a “bad encounter”.

“Maybe Pierre was vulnerable, he might have been involved in a case that overtook him,” Me Baba introduces, assuring that the parents have since suffered “reprisals” (particularly anonymous calls).

deficiencies in the investigation

Above all, the lawyer denounces shortcomings in the investigation.

For example, she called for a reconstitution, “that is the basis for a suspicious death”.

“Parts were soiled, nothing was protected,” she denounces, specifying that the autopsy of the body, buried four days after the crime, took place 20 months after the death.

“We’re going on the head! I also welcome the Advocate General’s requests (during Tuesday’s hearing) that it was necessary to deplore the way in which the investigative services carried out their work. »

No certainty from coroner

According to the lawyer, the coroner did find “elements that could be hung”, but without any certainty.

During the hearing, the Advocate General asked for the dismissal to be confirmed, since a reopening of the investigation would lead to the same conclusions.

The investigatory chamber will announce its decision on September 20.

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