Rumors about a possible pregnancy are circulating

Author, composer and singer Ariana Grande is a global pop star, nominated three times for the Grammys this year. Still, two-time winner Ariana Grande was absent from the 64th ceremony in Las Vegas. Why this absence of the artist

Why is he absent despite his three nominations?

The Grammy Awards ceremony took place on April 3rd. It takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and brings together great artists from around the world. The aim of this ceremony is to reward and decorate the best recordings, compositions and artists of the year.

Most artists were present. But some, including the famous Ariana Grande, missed the call. A fact that makes netizens curious, given that it is the third time she has been nominated and she is missing for the first time.

In fact, some time before the event, Ariana Grande posted a message on Instagram to apologize to his entire community and those who have been waiting for him.

The interpreter of 7 rings would have deliberately chosen absent. He leaves his admirers heartbroken and in deep distress. His message was followed by several short videos showing his position. According to these videos, she would be behind the scenes at her production house.

Ariana Grande apologizes for her absence from the Grammys

In the caption of her videos, which showcase her studios and the staff who support her on a daily basis, the singer writes: “some reminders of positions to celebrate Grammy Day”. For her, it reflects an incredible process with so many creative people that she deeply loves and respects.

Given the emotions that abound in this news, his community manifested itself in a series of comments below the publication.

Fans took the liberty of congratulating the artist for the great work. A first internet user writes: “The album did me really good, it brings back so many great memories with so many great people. I will forever be in awe of you! “. “Your shine music as well as those of your heart will amaze us forever». “I am amazed by your work! » surpass a second. “I will always be dazzled by your art and your immense heart.’,we can also read in the comments. Despite this gesture of support of his team, the artist did not reveal anything about the reason for his absence.

Absence from the Grammys and pregnancy rumors

From January 30, 2022, rumors will be circulating on the internet and feeding the topics of conversation. They refer to an alleged pregnancy of the interpreter One last time. Really, Ariana Grande had released that by now a photo which left no room for doubt. Some netizens said with certainty that they saw the singer with a very noticeable baby bump. She would then delete it very quickly. But was it all true? Where had she committed the guilt? Since then, her fans have been completely confused.

Moreover, it did not open the debate about a possible one Maternity. She hasn’t prompted any official release to confirm or deny the rumours.

If we were to speculate, she might want to keep her pregnancy a secret to better preserve it. Can we expect her to make an announcement to allay her congregation’s doubts? Time will prove us right.


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