Robert de Niro urged his lover to terminate her second pregnancy after interrupting the first

Robert de Niro is one of the legendary stars of American television who lived a life of eccentricity. However, he has also been linked to several controversial stories, including that of an abortion he allegedly requested from a former lover.

Robert De Niro has always been passionate about his career. Before appearing on television, the veteran actor devoted himself to the in-depth study of various characters, which allowed him to play his roles better.

He’s a smart man who dives into his characters, brings them to life and wins the hearts of his fans, whether he’s playing the good guy or the bad guy.

Actor Robert De Niro attends the premiere of ‘Once Upon A Time’ during the 65th Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 18, 2012 | Photo: Getty Images

De Niro’s success has managed to cross the generations. As a result, he received awards from fellow artists, film industry accolades, and the love of a legion of fans.

Despite the respect and admiration for his skill and meticulousness, the actor lived a reality full of diverse stories, including his relationships with women and his intense hunger for drug parties.

The former ‘Godfather’ actor wasn’t just a Casanova, he loved being in control. During his relationship with one of his mistresses, Helena Springs, De Niro requested a second abortion by intimidating her. A decision he will eventually regret.

Robert De Niro arrives at the Mayor’s Office May 19, 2011 during the 64th Cannes International Film Festival | Photo: Shutterstock


According to a 2014 biopic titled De Niro: A Life by author Shawn Levy, the actor struggled to shake off his demons: flirting and eccentric partying. During his youth, he developed a habit of meeting several women in chains. Eventually everything seemed to work out for him, he was handsome and successful.

De Niro has mastered the art of flirting along with his acting skills. As soon as he left home to pursue an acting career, he made sure to score a point or two with every woman he met.

Whether his colleagues in acting classes, women in clubs or showbiz bars. The actor knew how to catch his wives, and he often succeeded. He often targets those who have found success in the entertainment industry.

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De Niro dated Sally Kirkland when they were students at Actors Studios in New York. He also had a long affair with Carole Mallory, an actress and model who later became writer Norman Mailer’s longtime companion.

These connections were short-lived as most women couldn’t take his dramas. De Niro was always quick to throw tantrums when his wives didn’t agree with him, which made them emotional. In the end he would try to remedy the situation by buying them gifts like perfumes.

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The actor often followed his wives and loved watching them until they noticed him enough to jot down his phone number. In one of his kinky sprees, the ‘Godfather’ star followed Helena Springs through the streets of Los Angeles in 1979.

Spring was a talented young woman who had accompanied famous singers such as Bob Dylan, Bette Midler and Elton John. So she was used to a few big names in the business.

Robert De Niro at the 2017 Annual Hudson River Park Gala on October 12, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

The Hollywood superstar followed her in her convertible until she faced her. He then asked her for her number and Spring, who was initially hesitant, revealed that she had agreed to have lunch with him.

They both scheduled their first date as dinner and ended up spending the night in each other’s company. This was the beginning of their romance which resulted in two pregnancies.


When Springs first got pregnant, she kept a low profile. In fact, she had terminated her pregnancy without informing her lover. But the second time, the choirboy had decided to keep the child.

She then told De Niro about it, which led to a somewhat intimidating conversation with him as he demanded an abortion. This time Spring had refused and as expected their love had turned sour. In 1982 she gave birth to her first child, Nina Nadeja De Niro.

Although the actor refused to be a part of the child’s life, he helped the child’s mother by donating the sum of fifty thousand dollars to support the child. This was just before he retired from her life (although he continued to support her financially and only saw Nina a few times).

Springs kept her distance and did not seek help from her child’s father. The author of the biography claimed that this was due to his low self-esteem stemming from his racial affiliation.

Levy added that black women felt privileged to be able to court successful, handsome white men and often danced at their own pace.


Regardless of what people thought of Springs, she emerged as a brave woman willing to pursue what she believed was rightfully hers.

Ten years after her argument with De Niro, she sued the actor with court filings. By that time, he had stopped paying child support. She was married to the Lisandrello family, which didn’t stop her from claiming alimony from her ex-partner.

Before the court granted that motion, the “Godfather” actor submitted a blood test that proved he was not the child’s father. Springs continued to demand money, claiming that De Niro assured his daughter that he was her biological father. He also showed benevolence for a time.

Robert de Niro was the brilliant actor in Raging Bull, The Godfather and Taxi Driver; New-York, New-York”. Even today, the TV star inspires her audience with her breathtaking performances.

But despite his extraordinary talent and fascinating love life, including two failed marriages, he is a loving and supportive father to his six children, biological and non-biological.

De Niro welcomed the role of father when his first wife, Diahnne Abbott, a professional singer and actress, gave birth to their first child. They married in 1976 and had a son named Raphael. He also adopted his ex-wife’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Her second and third biological children, twins, were born through IVF and surrogacy during her relationship with model Toukie Smith. The former lovers were together for eight years, but had never said yes.

De Niro fell in love in 1997 and married his lover, actress Grace Hightower. They divorced in 1999, shortly after welcoming their son Elliot.

The couple then patched things up and stayed together for around two decades while welcoming a daughter, Helen, before going their separate ways again.

Hightower and the ‘Raging Bull’ star are yet to finalize their divorce, having filed for it in 2018.

De Niro proved, however, that nothing can hold him down for long, whether it’s a happy past or regular child support payments. He appears to be doing well and was recently spotted on a short break in Europe with a new girlfriend.

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