Rihanna: Fans convinced the star has already given birth to her baby!

Some netizens have fun leading Rihanna fans to believe that the star has already given birth to her baby. But that is completely wrong.

Many photos are circulating on the web suggesting that Rihanna gave birth to her baby. Do not be fooled! MCE TV explains everything to you.

Rihanna will be a protective mother

as you probably know Rihanna is expecting a baby. The singer revealed her pregnancy to the world on January 31, 2022 via Gorgeous Photos of his round box.

Since then she has continued The appearances in public multiply the belly in the air. And she is always well prepared. Some even say she will change mentalities about fashion and the baby bump.

Maybe you’re not addicted enough to social media to realize it. It’s not serious. At MCE TV we offer you a catch-up date her best looksduring pregnancy.

To tell the truth it will be enough. In fact, Rihanna didn’t reveal it no further information about her future baby. We don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy.

The singer only detailed in an interview, how she thinks she is as a mother. According to his words she will be very protective. “If someone speaks badly about my children, I no longer take responsibility. »she confided in me.

In that same interview Rihanna compared herself to a character from The real housewives of New Jersey. “To Teresa from Jersey, you don’t play with your kids. She swoops in on you as soon as you touch her children. And that really appeals to me because I feel like that’s the kind of mom I’m going to be. A psycho! », she started. That’s said!

The singer is still pregnant with her baby

Of course, everyone is anxiously waiting for Rihanna to give birth to her baby. But, don’t believe everything on the web.

Recently, some netizens had fun posting photos of the star carrying a child in her arms (see example above). It was obviously an April Fool’s joke.

In reality, The photos are from several years ago. It was the star herself who posted them to her own social media at the time. Babies belong to friends.

However, it could be that the singer does back to rumours in the coming days. Actually, all the stars go there.

As for Rihanna, she also has to fight doppelgangers pretending to be them, on the street, and who take pictures with the fans.

So above all, don’t be fooled. Take your precautions. We advise you to do this do not only inform yourself on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Other channels exist.

The only social networks you are allowed to follow are Rihanna’s. In fact, there’s a good chance the singer will announce the news this way. Be continued.

Credit: PA Photos/ABACA

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