Rihanna, Amel Bent, Nabilla… Pregnancy in Majesty

Belly out! The stars show theirs baby bump. A real phenomenon that celebrates a new motherhood where femininity reigns supreme.

This child, she wanted it. “In total.” And even “brought into the world”before pointing the tip of his nose. at 34, Rihanna joins in – or leads the way as she skilfully displays her baby bump -, the list of stars who flaunt their pregnancy bumps air-free, without a filter. no Shocking will denounce some, charming will please others. But where does this desire to flaunt her motherhood so emphatically come from?

The first pregnant woman to appear on television was Lucille Ball in the American series i love lucy It was in… 1952. If the CBS chain — reluctantly — accepted the pregnancy scenario (which matched the actress’s), the word pregnant however, was banned from the script: too vulgar for the small screen of the time. It was replaced with its French translation in the title of the episode: Lucy is Enceinte the magazine remembers Fashion.

Forty years later 1991, Demi Moore poses nude and 7 months pregnant for the cover of vanity fair. Immortalized by photographer Annie Leibovitz. The scandal is huge, the photos are considered “pornographic”. Some even refuse to sell the magazine; others wrap the envelope in paper.

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Embrace femininity and motherhood

We’ll have to wait for 2017 and Beyoncé. Earlier this year, the star posted a profile photo to Instagram, wearing shorts and a crop top that wore an almost virginal veil. to announce the impending arrival of their twins. A tidal wave of likes and the beginnings of this trend that will make… kids.

But we have to admit, while admiring Riri, pregnant by rapper A$AP Rocky, imperial belly triumphant, in black panties, bra and babydoll at Dior’s fall-winter show during Paris Fashion Week in early March: the situation has changed changed changed. “Everything that happens around motherhood and parenthood has been desacralized.”agrees clinical psychologist Aline Nativel Id Hammou. “The stars remind that they take on everything at the same time, their motherhood, their professional lives and their femininity“. Currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy, as she revealed to the magazine ELLE American, Rihanna inspires the fashion planet. She never stops reinventing her silhouettes around this upcoming birth. The necklace signed by Messika (Cocorico!) adorning her belly during her brand Fenty Beauty’s launch party on March 12 in Los Angeles will no doubt be imitated. And the bright pink down jacket she wore on the day she announced her pregnancy to her 125million subscribers was rumored to be sold at auction…

That Specialist also decodes a narcissistic act in this blossoming of bare bellies. « We can read the pride there: “I too am able to procreate, to give life, to create a double, a mini-me that will perpetuate the myth that will become a great artist like me…” “, She continues. But also the proof”that these very prominent personalities are actually carrying their child(ren) and have not resorted to a surrogate mother., says the psychologist. As in particular in the case of Nicole Kidman or Sarah Jessica Parker, the first American star to rely on her choice.

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Prejudices, stereotypes, rivalries

With their bellies in full light, Nabilla, Rihanna and company debunk the prejudices of these mothers-to-be who shouldn’t be exposed. This raises the question:What is it to be a woman? What is it like to be a mother?continues Aline Nativel Id Hammou. Liberated, liberated from a pandemic that has taken freedom from the world, and as the war in Ukraine darkens the future, they also celebrate a return to basics: life. Without artifice.

Check out American lace Ashley Graham, 34, young mother of twins – Malachi and Roman, 3 months. She told in detail about her pregnancy and multiplied the clichés, even the close-ups of her stretch marks reminding her 17,200,000 Instagram members how real it is to be pregnant. This unpacking of happiness, even less good days – Nabilla, already mom to adorable Milan, who was 6 months old on April 11, admitted her second pregnancy was more difficult –, bellies that weigh too heavily reactivate other feelings in the witnesses, fascinated or disgusted by this large display. ” There is a rivalry that is expressed. Some women can compare their pregnancies. “She’s so many months pregnant, she doesn’t look tired, she doesn’t take much or too much”“…life indeed.

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