Recall of children’s products: number of sick children, age, symptoms … what we know about contamination

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The Ferrero Group has announced the recall of several children’s products that may transmit salmonellosis. In France, 21 contaminations have already been detected. Which products are affected? How many children are affected? What are the symptoms ? La Dépêche du Midi takes stock.

After the E.coli bacteria were detected in contaminated Buitoni brand pizzas, a new one product recall worried the French. The Ferrero brand warns of suspicionsalmonella infection about the products of its flagship brand Children. These recalls follow a salmonellosis outbreak in several other European countries. A total of 21 contaminations related to the consumption of chocolate have already been reported in our country.

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Which products are affected?

For now, here are the four products in the range affected by the recall:

  • Children’s Surprise 20 g (of one, of three, of four and of six) and 100g with expiry dates between late June 2022 and late October 2022.
  • Children’s chocolate candies with an expiry date between the end of April and the end of August 2022.
  • Children’s Mini Eggs with an expiry date between the end of April and the end of August.
  • Kids Happy Moments, Kids Mix 193 g, basket 150g, Plush 133g, 198g bucketwith expiry date at the end of August 2022.

How many children are affected?

According to Public Health France in conjunction with the Institut Pasteur National Reference Center for Salmonella, 15 contaminations out of the 21 cases detected on the territory are linked to the consumption of children’s products. Children would be the first victims. Of the eight people hospitalized with the infection, theThe average age of the young patients is 4 years.

This exposure is due to the weaker physical nature of young children, who can develop severe forms of the infection. According to Public Health France, these have cases of salmonellosis the same genetic strain that the tribe responsible for a outbreak in Great Britain and Irelandrelated to the consumption of certain children’s products affected by this recall.

How should one react after consuming these products?

If you are in possession of the batches recalled by Ferrero, do not use them up and throw them away quickly. However, if you have already consumed the potentially contaminated products, some precautions should be taken. First of all, be very alert to the possible appearance of characteristic symptoms of salmonella in you and those in your household affected by the consumption of the recalled chocolate.

Of Gastrointestinal disorders, often accompanied by fever You must be notified within forty-eight hours of consuming the contaminated products. In this case, see your doctor as soon as possible and inform him about this event. Beware of the deterioration in the health of young children, people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women and the elderly, who are more prone to developing severe forms of salmonellosis. Finally think Wash your hands wellafter going to the toilet, changing your child’s diaper and when preparing meals.

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