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A mother is horrified after living with rats that crawl and bite her young children while they sleep in their hellish apartment.

Marie Duncan, 29, says she feels “suicidal” and described her council housing in Victoria, London, as “prison”.

Marie Duncan said her apartment left her “helpless” and “suicidal”.Credit: BPM
Marie says her apartment has been riddled with rats and mice since she moved in
Marie says her apartment has been riddled with rats and mice since she moved inCredit: BPM

The single mother of two was moved to her home owned by the Peabody Housing Association in October 2018.

And Marie claims her house has been riddled with rats and mice since moving in, reports Somerset Live.

Her living situation worries her about her safety and that of her two young children, ages 3 and 5, as rodents “climb and bite” on her while she sleeps.

Marie said she quickly noticed a number of other problems with the property immediately after moving in.

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She claims there are multiple holes in the floor and damage to the ceilings in the “nightmare” apartment.

Marie said: “I’ve had times where I’ve had suicidal thoughts about it – I was at high risk of being admitted to hospital because of my mental health. It’s just the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.

“Life on this property is like living in a prison with my kids – that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s just a real nightmare living here.

Marie’s five-year-old son has autism and she believes that the environment and disorders have had an adverse effect on her son’s well-being.

She said: “It had such an effect on my son. There were nights when he kept injuring himself on the property because it was unsuitable. It was awful…it’s ridiculous decay, it’s a health and safety issue.

The situation is even worse because Marie suffers from fibromyalgia, a serious long-term condition that causes pain throughout the body.

She claims the hellish living conditions made the situation worse, urging Peabody to “take her situation seriously.”

“It’s like a feeling [Peabody] Always try to wash your hands of the situation.

“I feel like the way I’ve been allowed to live is inhuman. It was years of trauma to my children and it would certainly have affected their developmental process. I have a feeling this will be the death of my child. »

She added: “It was just a big struggle – I was someone who already had depression and had been on medication in the past, and then coming into this property only made it worse.

“I felt like if I died or something, that was the only way my child would get help. I felt like if I wasn’t alive my child would suddenly be protected. ”

Peabody said it was aware of the mice but said there had been no reports of rodents biting children.

A spokesman for the Peabody Housing Association said: “Our Neighborhood Manager for this area has worked very hard to support and build a good relationship [Marie]. They are in regular contact.

” We know that [Marie] would like to move permanently and has a very high priority due to her situation. She also has the option of living temporarily in another property that Westminster City Council has found for her.

“Regarding housing conditions, a report on mice was brought to our attention in January this year and we have arranged for this to be dealt with by pest control companies.

“The allegation that her children were bitten by rodents has never been reported or mentioned to us. There are no overt reports of antisocial behavior, but when [Marie] If you would like to raise specific concerns, this can be done via the ward manager. »

The housing association added that it has attempted to repair the property but has been pushed back on a few occasions.

“The property is in need of some repairs which we have attempted to carry out but we often do not have access to the property.

“We can get the work done, but the contractors have to be let in during the day to finish it. We will continue to work with partners to find a suitable property that she will be happy to move into. »

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Recently, a family complained that they lived in a moldy, bug-infested apartment covered in mouse droppings.

And last year, another mother asked social services to move her children to a safe place away from her mouse-infested apartment.

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