ransacked his house, involved his children…

Camille Santoro is one of the star moms of the TF1 show, Large families: life in XXL. As such, she appears regularly on television with her large family. But she is also a real star on social networks. Camille Santoro, followed by more than 785,000 netizens, can actually afford to say that she has some notoriety. and objecto Don’t hide the fact that if you are so famous, everything you share on the web will be appreciated by its subscribers.

On April 12, Camille Santoro spoke to his fans about the damage caused by his children’s games in his living room. In the columns of the magazine Here isAfterwards it was read that his house was “destroyed by his children”. But our readers are used to it, we take stock together of what is behind this catchy title. And most importantly, the true elements that make up this “drama” story set in Camille Santoro’s living room. As always, expect more fear than harm.

Camille Santoro has no secrets for her subscribers

In fact, the star mother of the networks and TF1 rarely keeps secrets from her subscribers. She knows that through integration Large families: life in XXL, she accepts the rules of the fame game. Luckily, unlike other star moms on the show, she doesn’t seem to suffer from her critics’ snide comments. This may also explain why she does not hesitate to publish details of her daily life on the web.

This Tuesday, April 12th, it was an amazing sharing made by Camille Santoro on his social networks. At first, as always, she was very happy to give netizens news about her children. In fact, all fans of the mother-of-six want to make sure all these beautiful people are okay. However, on that day, our wife Santoro shared a short video showing the damage left by children playing in a living room.

Internet users discovered a hole in a wall. As Camille Santoro explained at the time, a pole had been torn off. but objecto Don’t hide from yourself that she wasn’t actually angry. She poked fun at the situation in writing “Staff 0 – Maé 1”. In the columns of the magazine Here is, the same observation was made. It was therefore easy to understand that Santoro’s house was not destroyed. But on April 14, this case comes to the fore again, especially in the stories Instagram by Camille Santoro.

@ madame.santoro

A necessary update

With more than 785,000 followers, Camille Santoro has received countless messages telling her about the article. Here is. So the mother of six children wanted to clarify things. In fact, she only read the titles of our colleagues and concluded that there was a need to restore the truth. Despite the magazine’s columns emphasizing the young mother’s humor, she seems to have taken the whole affair at face value. objecto Granting you it can also be to avoid continuing to receive worried messages from its subscribers. Nevertheless, Camille Santoro wants to show her subscribers that the hole is being repaired.

@ madame.santoro

She also wants to explain that it is by no means Maé’s fault if this rod fell down. Hung in Placo with a single screw instead of three, couldn’t hold it up well. In addition, the hems on the curtains were not made. So when Maé fell to the feet of the curtain while playing, he took the pole with him. This should allow Camille Santoro to stop hearing about this affair as drama.

In fact, finding so much success and tranquility on the web is not easy. The smallest anecdote can be inflated disproportionately and take on unexpected proportions. Luckily, no one can doubt that Camille Santoro, who is raising six children, knows how to be patient. But she also knows how to show firmness and does not hesitate to find out the truth when she feels it is necessary. Once on board, it remains to be seen what new adventure Camille Santoro and his family will embark on next!

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