Pyrénées-Orientales: the Club of the 7 Suricates, Millas College students, guardians against school bullying

Seven 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, ages 12 to 15, have been named presenters of the meerkat experimentation system that was launched at their facility this year. After training by Christophe Cordier, police officer at the House of Prevention and Protection of Families, her role is to identify, support and advise her comrades who are victims of harassment.

In 2011, National Education presented the following statistic: 1 in 10 children would have been a victim of bullying at school. Ten years later, and even if these numbers are not official, that number would have risen to 1 in 7 children, or even 1 in 6. With the aim of fighting against all its forms, including cyberbullying, the Christian Bourquin de Das Millas College, in collaboration with the National Gendarmerie and more specifically with Chief Sergeant Christophe Cordier, has overseen this experimental system called Les Suricates. And in which seven young college students take their role as vigilant guardians very seriously, pairing them up from class to class with their little friends. chosen for “her natural empathy”, “her ability to reach out to others” and “Your solidarity – said the director -, the two Justine, Célia, Tessa, Julien, Maeline and Natan, aged 12 to 15 – make up this club of 7 meerkats from Millas College.

She was ostracized, pushed aside, insulted…

We’re like ambassadors, and like these lively little creatures who watch over the rest of our fellow creatures, we look out and assess bullying situations at school.” says Justine, 14, in fourth grade. The teenager testifies: “QWhen I was in CE1, I was molested myself by another student in my class. It took a few months and then we finally managed to talk and after that she left school. On the other hand, I witnessed harassment maneuvers on “another” girl. She was singled out by a group, excluded, pushed around, always sat alone in class, but also insulted on social networks. One day I went to her and she confided in me but never wanted to talk about it with an adult in the facility (CPE, teacher) or even with her parents.

The other Justine, the youngest of the 7, experienced the opposite effect. “In elementary school, a girl I was mad at for nonsense suddenly started accusing me of being a stalker. She says. She humiliated me, verbally attacked me. In the end she let go, but I think this experience pushed me to help people even more and become a meerkat.”

“A device to be extended to other colleges of 66”

Constable Christophe Cordier has long intervened in schools to promote prevention and raise students’ awareness of the different types of harassment (physical, moral, psychological, sexual, through social networks, etc.). Constable Christophe Cordier mentores and trains young meerkats at the college. by Millas. “With the management of the facility, we have decided to mobilize in the face of the increase in the phenomenon by creating this experimental device to be extended to other facilities in 66.” he clarifies. However, remember:The role of these guards is not to call out arguments in the schoolyard, but rather to identify victims of harassment and then advise them to speak to an adult who is responsible for resolving the problem.

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