Putin: his family, his health, his fortune … what we know about the secrets of the Kremlin master

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A man of secrecy, especially in his private life, Vladimir Putin has organized everything in such a way that nothing gets through since he came to power in 2000. The richest man in the world, suffering from an incurable disease, young lover… The worst rumors are circulating about the Kremlin ruler. The midi dispatch make the point

His health

He is said to suffer from Parkinson’s disease, suffer from the effects of a long Covid or even suffer from terminal cancer. The Kremlin master’s increasingly “swollen” face is fueling the worst rumors about his health. “We hear a lot of things,” acknowledges Carole Grimaud Potter, professor of Russian geopolitics at the University of Montpellier. But nothing filters out the real state of health of Vladimir Poutine.”

In light of the pandemic, some also say he’s “overanxious,” even “paranoid.” The image of Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron standing at either end of a 6 meter marble table during the French President’s visit to the Kremlin is an example of this. The distance was imposed on the French leader after he rejected the Russian PCR test required of every guest of the Russian President.

“For him, the Covid is a good excuse to suppress demonstrations in particular and to put people in prison,” analyzes the professor. It’s true that he passes tests at every diplomatic meeting. We see that he still attaches great importance to all these limitations. but to say he’s overly anxious I can’t say. What is certain, in her opinion, is what has intensified with Covid-19 “that he is a man who is very isolated. He no longer travels and changes his address regularly for security reasons.”

His capital

If you believe Vladimir Putin, thanks to his salary as head of state he would live on 12,000 euros a month and has a modest residence near Moscow and a few cars. However, his fortune is estimated at between $40 billion and $200 billion, according to his opponents. The Russian head of state has in his possession: twenty houses, fifteen helicopters and dozens of luxury watches, the most expensive of which is around 400,000 euros.

“Right from the start, he has given himself the image of a ‘clean’ president who, unlike his predecessors, is not corrupt. It’s a line that he forces himself to follow and that has worked for a long time because the first allegations of corruption came relatively late,” explains the geopolitician.

His fortune is very difficult to calculate because nothing is in his name. Everything has been very well thought out to conceal it: “All his property is under company names or in the names of his relatives, says Carole Grimaud Potter. Watches and his costumes aroused suspicion.”

One of the most famous examples of this process of obfuscation is the luxurious palace on Cape Idokopas on the Black Sea coast, bought by businessman Alexander Ponomarenko in 2011 near Vladimir Putin. According to political opponent Alexeï Navalny, this sale would be fictitious and is intended to disguise the real owner. In a video broadcast in January 2021, the latter, who is now imprisoned, demonstrated how corruption and bribery would have allowed the Kremlin’s master to build this palace.

His family

Vladimir Putin would hide his mistress and her alleged four children in Switzerland. This is the latest rumor about the Russian leader’s personal life. Officially, Vladimir Putin has two “legitimate” daughters, born of his union with Lioudmila Putina, his wife between 1983 and 2014. Both would live outside of Russia: “There are very few pictures of his daughters. Vladimir Putin has always been extremely discreet about his family, speaking very little about his parents. That’s really something we don’t talk about in Russia.”

In 2008, while still married, the magazine was published Moscow reporter dares to claim that Putin has a young mistress, thirty years his junior, Olympic gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva – who is now being accused in the media of going into hiding in Russia with the four children she would have had with him be. “After his revelations, the newspaper was shut down. Only the foreign press now dares to come back to it, the Russian media avoid investigating his family,” assures the expert.

Recently, thanks to the Pandora papers, an illegitimate daughter — who the Russian president is said to have had with a certain Svetlana Krivonogich — would have been exposed. At the age of 19 and with the name Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh, she would live aloud The sun – who had access to his Instagram account before it was closed – “a privileged life including travel by private jet”. “Again, nothing about her appeared in the official Russian press,” confirms Carole Grimaud Potter.

“There is actually a real fortress around Vladimir Putin, everything is locked with padlocks. From the start, he wanted to maintain a fairly distanced relationship with the press. We still see private films from the time when he wasn’t the ‘Vladimir Putin head of the state’, but since the 2000s everything is controlled,” the expert concludes.

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