process of an entrepreneurial family

This is a case that caused a stir at the time: it involves trafficking in drugs and smuggled cigarettes at the Pointe-à-Pitre Navy. The people involved, all members of the same family, are on trial today in the Pointe-à-Pitre court.

The case, which will be examined by the court of Pointe-à-Pitre this Thursday, March 31, 2022, concerns a file of drug trafficking and cigarette smuggling, atypical to say the least.

Atypical, as the facts unfolded before everyone’s eyes between January and October 2017 in two shops in the Bas-du-Fort marina.
Customers could choose whether they wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes for 5 euros or a gram of cocaine for 20 euros.

Also atypical, because it’s about a family: There’s Cédric Mahmud, the 47-year-old son, his father Claude and his mother Monique, now 68 and 70 years old.
Six other defendants were summoned before the judges.

Finally atypical, because this traffic works with suppliers as different as they are different; many appear as merchants on the stand.
The cigarettes come from Saint Martin, Dominican Republic, or more legally from auctions.
As far as narcotics are concerned, on the other hand, the investigation of theAnti-Narcotics Bureau (OFAST) names a single man: Jean-Claude Custos, already convicted four times for similar crimes.

The story begins with the resale of contraband cigarettes.
The father finances the supplies and participates in the sale. The profit was 10 to 15 euros per cartridge.
Mom knew about it; she didn’t necessarily agree, but she did occasionally help out.

In the marina everyone sells cigarettes, even the hairdresser (…). I should have been stricter, but even the hairdresser in the Marina had cigarettes…

Monique Mahmud, at the head of the court of Pointe-à-Pitre – 03/31/2022.

Then a second, more lucrative business is added to that first traffic; This time it’s about cocaine, cannabis and MDMA (commonly referred to as ecstasy), all resold to a network of around thirty customers, 25 of whom have been officially identified.
But there it is the son who calls the shots. However, Cédric at the helm this morning only admitted to personal use but refuted any traffic, despite overwhelming phone surveillance.

Likewise Jean-Claude Custos, points out at the hearing that it is about his own consumption and refutes any traffic.

It remains to be seen whether the judges will be convinced.

The prosecutor requests:

  • against Cedric Mahmud, 3 years imprisonment including 18 months suspended, 2 years suspended and the obligation to pay the fines imposed.
  • against Claude Mahmud, 6 months suspended sentence, 4000 euros fine and 5 years operating ban.
  • against Monique Mahmud 2 months suspended sentence and 2000 Euro fine.
  • towards the SEDAC (legal entity, company that owns the marks “l’Ipanema” and from “wharf of the islands“, where the sales would have taken place), a fine of 10,000 euros and confiscation of funds seized from a bank account and from a confiscated business premises belonging to their SCI.

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